How to Dry A Mattress In The Quickest Ways

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How to Dry A Mattress

Mattress can get wet and damp for numerous things. Most of us have a bottle of water beside our bed that we drink throughout the night. sometimes we can spill it and get our bed wet. A wet bed can lead to mold and mildew if it is not dried properly. This is where this article comes in with 5 different ways you can dry a mattress to make it sleep-able in no time.

wet bed

If the mattress was totally submerged in water for example in a flood. The mattress should not be used again because it is contaminated with dangerous chemicals such as fuel, sewage, and other bacteria that you find in the water.

For slight damps like water spills, urine, milk spills, drinks, and rainwater. You can use these methods to dry the mattress quickly.

How to Dry A Mattress In 5 different Ways

Below are 5 methods you can choose from to dry your mattress based on how wet it is. All these methods are effective and will dry a mattress in less than an hour based on how wet it is.

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Things You Will Need:

1. Air Dry Mattress 

Air drying your mattress is one of the best ways to dry a mattress because it does more than just dry the mattress. The sun will remove any odor from your mattress especially if it is urine that was spilled on it. But this method can take all day and require outside to be a bit windy with the sun out.

Steps To Take:

1. To do this, get someone that can help you lift the mattress and take it outside. Never lift the mattress alone because it will damage your back.

2. Lean the side of the mattress that is dry facing the house with the wet side facing the sun and wind. If you have something heavy, you can lean it against the mattress to give it a more firm stance.

3. Leave the mattress until 5 pm in the evening before it is too dark and dew starts to fall. The areas on the mattress should be dry by now and most odors will be gone. You can spray some air freshener on it as well to boost the scent. If you want to make your own air fresheners with laundry detergent to use click on this link.

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2. Using A Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are very handy and useful. That is why it will come in handy in this situation where your mattress is wet or damp. Note do not use your hairdryer while running other heavy energy electronics or appliances like a microwave or toaster oven because it will chip the breaker.

Steps To Take:

1. Remove everything off the bed and give them a wash in the washing machine. Find the area that is wet and mark it out by twisting a towel and making a ring around the area so that you do not dry a dry area of the mattress.

2. Get your hairdryer and put it on the highest or hottest setting and place it 3-4 inches away from the wet mattress. Move the hairdryer in a horizontal or vertical motion slowly until you see the area for the mattress starting to dry.

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3. This might take you some time to do but it will get your mattress dry so that you can use it to sleep on that night. You can also take breaks but not for too long so the heat won’t leave the mattress that you were building up.


3. Using A Towel With Baking Soda

using a towel to dry wet mattress

This method is a unique trick that I realize worked great when I add baking soda to a wet area and cover it with a towel. The towel seems to absorb the wet spot on the bed much faster.

Steps To Take:

1. Remove everything off the bed and wash them if possible. Get a box of baking soda and sprinkle 1 cup of it on the wet area of your bed and palace a towel over it.

2. Use your hands and massage the baking soda into the wet spot for 5 minutes and leave it for 1 hour.

using iron to dry mattress

3. Once the 1 hour is up, use a cast iron or blow dryer and heat the towels up for 30 minutes or until the damp area on the bed is dry. Use a vacuum and vacuum the baking soda residue off the bed. If milk or anything sweet was spilled on the area. While it with disinfectant when you are finish drying it.

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4. Using An Iron

using a cast iron to dry damp mattress

Using a cast iron is pretty straightforward with drying a mattress. But you can end up buying the fabric that makes the mattress if you are not careful. Follow the methods below as instructed. And if you can to know how to clean a cast iron, click on the link.

Steps To Take:

1. Once again remove everything off the mattress and find the area that is damp and wet. See what material makes the bed and choose that option on the cast iron so that it doesn’t burn the bed. If you cannot find it, just put the cast iron on the cotton setting and max heat.

2. Slowly iron the wet part of the bed and feel it now and then to see if it is getting too hot and give it a break. Do this until your mattress is dry.

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5. Using A Fan

Using a fan to dry a mattress is one of the easiest methods out of all the methods above. All you need to do is take the sheets off the bed and lay the fan face on the wet spot on the bed with the fan on the highest setting and leave the fan running until the mattress is dry. Make sure your fan is clean so dust doesn’t get on your bed.

using standing fan to dry mattress

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How To Dry A Wet Bed Fast

wet bed

To dry your wet bed in the fastest way possible, you need to combine two methods together. Use a cast iron to iron the wet spot on the bed until it is halfway dry and then place a standing fan facing down on the wet spot and leave the fan running on the highest setting until the bed is dry.


Why Does My Bed Feel Damp?

A bed can feel damp for numerous reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you are sweating during the night and your bed and pillow might be absorbing the sweat. Over time this will cause your bed to smell awful which can make you have to replace it.

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To prevent your bed from getting wet by sweat, you either need to open the window, turn on the fan, or use an air conditioner. If this doesn’t stop the bed from getting wet then there might be more to the problem.

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