9 Reasons Why I Use Dawn Dish Soap And Why You Should Try It Too

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We all know that little or big blue bottle on the shelves of the supermarket or store. We all look at the price and compare it to the other brands and might see a huge difference in the price.


There is a reason for that though, and many people do not know it. This article will point out the reasons why I choose to use it over other brands and why you should try it as well.

1 Remove Rust


I have a bad habit of leaving tools all over the place, and sometimes they get wet, which will cause rust to start to form on them. I use to think that I had to get new tools but not anymore.


The idea came to me just by thinking how good dawn is with killing grease. So I tried leaving the tools in some water with the dawn, and the rust came off super easy. So if you have a husband or a friend that always have rusty tools, just tell them about this method.

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2 kill Grease

We all know what this product is great for, kill grease with ease. It makes cleaning baked-on grease super easy on or off the stove. This is the main selling point of the product, and the 4x stronger on grease is really true.


3 Lubricant


You must be thinking, can it really be used as a lubricant? The answer is yes. I had a door that was squeaking, and I didn’t have any WD-40 around, and the noise was so annoying because it was the bathroom door, and we visit the bathroom so many times for the day.


The reason why I used the dawn was that it can remove rust at the same time. We all know that over time the door hinges will have rust on them, so kill two birds with one stone.


4 Can Kill Insect Especially Bees And Wasps


One day I was just browsing through YouTube, and I came across a video of a bee keep having to kill his entire colony because they got too aggressive to be so close to people. I was thinking he was going to use some very powerful chemicals.

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To my surprise, he just pours some dawn into a bucket, and add some water to it, and pour it on the nest. Instantly they couldn’t move, and within minutes they died.


This can work on other insects as well because of the chemical compounds that make the dawn. So next time you see a wasp or bee in your house, just spray some dawn on them.


5 You Useless So It Saves You Money


Many people wouldn’t think of this, but because dawn is stronger than most dish soap out there selling. You use less soap to get the job done, so it will last longer each time you use it.


For example, if a regular dish soap takes one tablespoon of soap to wash five pots, the dawn dish soap will take half of a tablespoon to wash those five pots.


6 One Of The Most Trusted Product

This is self-explanatory; from you see a blue bottle on a shelf, you instantly now its dawn. It has been around for many years, so they mastered the formula properly to perform the best over the years. That is why it’s one of the most trusted brands.

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7 Can Be Used To Do Multiple Things

The next great thing about this product is that it can be used to do so many different things in your house. It can help to unclog a drain, clean your dishwasher, remove stains from your toilet, help to kill weeds in your driveway, and even wash your car, especially your dirty rims that are covered in brake dust and a lot more things. Click On This Link To Go To An Article That Will Give You 15+ Amazing Ways To Use Dawn Dish Soap.

8 Antibacterial Purposes 

Recently this surprised me as well, that dawn can be used for antibacterial purposes, but not just the regular dawn dish soap.


They have three different colors, Blue, which we all know, which is the regular version, green, which is the one that is made for antibacterial purposes, and last but not least, the orange color dawn.

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The green color dawn can be used to clean and sanitize many areas in your house because it focuses heavily on killing bacteria.


Clean Your Shower

Dawn is great at killing grease which I explained above, but when you think of your shower. All the dirt and grease off your body from a long day at work or on the street washes off your body and onto the floor of your shower.

When you get in the shower you definitely feel the grease on the floor and it can be really hard to get off if it is not cleaned regularly.

The dawn can clean it without you even doing too much work. Just put some all over the floor and sides, wet it just a little then slightly rub it in and let it sit for 30 minutes.

You can either go back use a sponge and wash it off which I recommend or just use the water and wash it off. That is how easy it is.

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