How to Make your toilet smell nice In 8 Ways

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How to Make your toilet smell nice In 8 Ways

I love the smell of a clean house and bathroom, but you can make the bathroom smell nice but still have the toilet smell bad. These methods below make your toilet smell good as if it was just installed.

Not every house has a toilet in the bathroom, some houses have a toilet room itself, so these methods can work for both a toilet room and a toilet in a bathroom to my it smells good.


Here are The 8 Ways To Make Your Toilet smell Nice

1) Take Seat Off

Taking the seat off the toilet will surprise you with how much dirt and dust you will see. Over time you will start to smell a bad odor coming from where the seat is screwed on. This is because of pee and water mix with the trapped dust. To make that part of the toilet smell better clean it with bleach at the end of each month.

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2) Clean Around The Toilet 

Around your toilet is an area that will get dirty a lot because pee can splash off the seats and stay there. The pee can even go underneath the toilet itself if the toilet wasn’t sealed off properly from the tiles on the floor. Clean this area regularly and you will smell how fresh it is around your toilet.


3) Clean Walls In Toilet Room

Whether you have a toilet room or your toilet is in your bathroom, you need to clean the walls around it. Sometimes paint can absorb odors in areas where a certain scent is. Clean the walls on a regular basis, especially where you touch and keep the toilet paper rolls.


4) Clean Urine Off The Seats

As a guy, I can say that sometimes pee does get on the toilet see and splash on the floor. Even when we lift the seat it still gets on the seat and we just leave it. This will definitely cause both the bathroom and toilet to smell awful if it is not cleaned off as soon as possible.

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5) Put Air Freshener In Toilet

Placing an air freshener in your toilet is one of the easiest ways to make your toilet smell good. You can buy toilet air fresheners from the supermarket or Amazon, or you can even make your own air freshener. By wetting a cotton ball with essential oil and placing it into something in the toilet tank so it doesn’t move when you flush. Each time you flush you will smell the sweet smell of the essential oil.

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6) Pouring Fabric Softener Into Toilet Tank

pouring detergent in toilet tank to make it smell nice

This is an amazing way to make your toilet smell great instantly for the day. Just add 2 cups of fabric softener to the toilet tank and the toilet will smell amazing for at least 2 days before it is flushed out.

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If you are wondering if it is safe, it is. The fabric softener will break down and will not damage your septic system at all.


7) Clean Toilet Tank Out

Over time water will have a raw smell if it is in one area for too long and doesn’t get any cleaning. For example, if you do not clean a fish tank for a month it starts to smell. Toilets do let out water when you flush but some still stay in the tank and mix with the freshwater. To make the toilet tank smell good, wash it out with bleach every six months or so.


8) Clean The Outside Of  The Toilet 

And last but not least, just give the outside and inside of the toilet a proper cleaning each time you clean the bathroom. This includes behind the toilet and underneath the toilet tank as well. Empty and clean the toilet bowl cleaner that has old water in it.

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