How to Make Homemade Air Freshener With Laundry Detergent

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How to Make Homemade Air Freshener With Laundry Detergent


I love to have a clean house that smells wonderful, I  but hate having to use bleach or air fresheners that I buy at the supermarket. The smell bleach gives off isn’t so pleasant for everyone. If bleach touches my hands, they start to strip, that’s how powerful bleach is. Plus learn how to make homemade air freshener with laundry detergent and a multipurpose carpet cleaning solution to use on any surface.

I have always used rubbing alcohol to clean some areas in my house, for example, the countertops, mirrors, appliances, but I always fair use it on some surfaces because it would be too strong to just use the pure rubbing alcohol on it.

I wanted to create my own cleaning solution and homemade air freshener at home with the simple ingredients I have. I wanted it to clean or make anything smell great whenever I use any of them. After trying a lot of different mixtures, here is what works best for me when making a carpet cleaning solution and a homemade air freshener.

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What You Will Need


Rubbing Alcohol 

Dawn dish soap


Spray Bottle


1. Homemade Carpet Cleaning  Solution And For Other Areas


Steps to Take:


I have a spray bottle that’s 32 FL oz, I fill it to little over half and then add one tablespoon dawn dish soap to the water, then I pour one cup rubbing alcohol next and then half cup vinegar, shake well, and then you will have an all-purpose cleaning agent. If you have a 16 Fl oz bottle, you can split everything in half.



You can use this carpet cleaning solution to clean your windows, which it works amazingly on, you can clean floors, appliances, countertops, and furniture.



Before, I wouldn’t have used rubbing alcohol on some of the furniture because I was afraid it would be too strong for the surface of the furniture and maybe strip them.



Now that the rubbing alcohol isn’t the main ingredient, it can be used on them. The water and vinegar will not allow the rubbing alcohol to strip or change the furniture’s color.

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2. How to Make Homemade Air Freshener With Laundry Detergent



Making my own homemade air freshener with laundry detergent, just like how I wanted to make my own cleaning agent is one of the best and cheapest ways to always have an air freshener at home in every bathroom. You can use this on your couch, curtains, carpets anywhere that you want to smell amazing, even your pillows.

What you will need:

Fabric Softener 

Essential Oils

Vanilla Extract 

Spray Bottle


The essential oil I use gives you this relaxing and calm feeling, it’s call Purify (refreshing). The other ingredients I use provides an amazing blend of different aromas.



The vanilla extra is optional and so is the fabric softener and laundry detergent, you can customize this to smell whichever way you like. For people, the laundry detergent just gives a smell that most people love.

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If you like the smell of coffee, you can get a bottle of essential oil that smells like coffee, cinnamon, lemons, and lots more.

Steps To Take To Make Detergent Air Freshener:


I’m using a spray bottle that holds 8 FL oz of water so I fill it almost to the top and leave about three inches to the top.


I then add 10 drops of the essential oil, one tablespoon vanilla extract, 1/4 cup laundry detergent. If you are going to use the gain fireworks, pour half of the cup on it, into the spray bottle, and shake it well. Note if you use vanilla extract, you should spray it on a piece of white paper towel to see if it shows some small spots.


And that’s how you make an air freshener with laundry detergent and also a Multipurpose carpet cleaning solution for carpets and other areas in your house.

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