How to Keep Plants Warm In Winter

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How to Keep Plants Warm In Winter 

I love plants both in my garden and in flower pots. Some of us live in climates that get cold, and not every plant can survive the cold temperatures. Knowing how to keep the plants warm in winter is ideal for making them survive. Some of the plants will need sunlight, but I will have a method for that too.

Landscapers normally trim most plants when winter is coming but if that isn’t an option for you, then you need to follow the methods below. Some of the methods below will work for large plants that cannot be moved and small plants that can be transported in and outside your house.

The 5 Ways To Keep Plants Warm

Below will be five methods that I have used to personally to save my plans from dying in the winter. I use them for both small and large plants so make use of the methods below and keep your plants warm in the winter.

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1. Build An Outside Shed

If you are the type of person who has a lot of plants on your patio or deck, then you probably need to invest in building a small shed outside for your plants so that you can keep the plants warm. A shed might seem expensive to build, but if you love plants, this might be an option.

This method might cause a few thousand, but you can choose a very cheaper method that I will also list below. If you already have a shed at your home, you can place some of the plants in it that you need to keep warm and use a heater. Just make sure you regulate the temperature.


2. Place Some On The Inside 

I have personally used this method over and over again at every beginning of fall. Maybe you do not have a shed, or the shed cannot hold all of them. You can place some of the plants in your house in the basement to keep them warm in the winter. There is a drawback with this method though.

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You will need to make sure the plants get sunlight every few days and water them. This is very important because I have had plants that died because I forget to water them or take them outside for a few minutes of sunlight. Taking them out every two days for sunlight should be fine.


3. Put Some In The Garage 

garage door open letting in air

The garage is another perfect place where you can place your plants and add a heater if your garage isn’t heated. All you need to do is take out the plants every few days to get sunlight, or they will die. When placing them in the garage, make sure to place them in an area where they can grow.


4. Cover The Plants To Keep Them Warm

Covering your plants with a portable cover that can be moved around is perfect for plants that you cannot move. You can also use this as a portable tent to store other plants in. These tents can be bought on amazon for a reasonable price, and you can set them up within minutes.

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Some of these tents are made of plastic so you need to be careful when adding heat to them. Just turn on the portable heater to a moderate temperature so that it doesn’t melt the plastic. Once you have all that covered, your plants should be good for the winter.


5. Mulch The Plants

A lot of us think that mulch is for decorations for the garden, but you are wrong. Mulch is used for a lot of things that benefit your plant. Mulch is used for trapping moisture, keeping the soil from eroding, and so much more. What it is also good for is keeping plants warm since it can trap moisture.

The mulch that was added in the summer will not be enough to keep them warm, so you will need to add a little more. This method works best for plants that can shed their leaves but need the extra help to stay warm during the winter. Just add some more mulch to that plant, and it should be good.

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Final Thoughts:

Saving your plants from the cold, harsh weather is really important because you took the time to grow them. Using the methods above will definitely help keep your plants warm. For the large plants that you cannot move, I would advise covering them with a tent that is portable, where you can add a heater to it to keep the plants warm.

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