4 Eco Friendly Ways to Dispose Of Dead Plants

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How to Dispose Of Dead Plants

If you love plants and have a lot of them at home, having dead plants is a common thing. Disposing of these plants are quite easy. They are not as hard to dispose of as bleach this article will show you how two dispose of dead plants in the most eco friendly way possible.

Method 1: Dump At Local Dump Land Fill

I live on an island called Nantucket and we have to be careful of how we dispose of anything because we can be fined if we dump anything in the wrong way. Our local dump has an entire section dedicated to plants, grass, and tree shrubs and they turn it into compost.

At these landfills, they turn all those dead plants, trees, and shrubs into mulch that we use around hour plants to hold water and also give your garden a better look. Call your local dump and see if you can dump plants there and if you can do so because it will be reused in the environment.

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Method 2: Use As Fertilizer

dirt in garden

Using plants as a fertilizer is similar to what a dump would if they go hold of the dead plants. If you have a garden at home with plants you can take the dead plant out of the pot and dump both the plant and soil in your garden evenly.

Over a few weeks, the plant will decompose into the soil and the plants in the garden will suck out the nutrients from the decomposing plants.

If you do not have a garden and have other plants in pots you should let the dead plant stay in the pot and decompose, then you can pour out the soil into your other plant pots.

Method 3: Bury Them In The Soil

If the plants are already dead in your garden, you can leave them to decompose as mentioned above in the garden. If the dead plants are in your plant pot, you can dig a small hole somewhere in your yard or garden and dump the plants into it then leave it.

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The plant will decompose in the soil like it wasn’t even there in the first place.

Method 4: Visit Your Local Plant Nursery

Some plant nurseries will take the plants if it’s not in a large amount. Some nurseries also make their own mulch and sell topsoil to be used in your garden. Call your local plant nursery and see if you can dump the plant there. More than likely you might have to pay a small fee, but it will not be that much.

What To Do With The Plant Pot?

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After you have disposed of the dead plant you will need to do something with the pot that it was in if the plant wasn’t in your garden. The best method is to reuse the plant pot for other plants especially if the pot is made of clay and other high quality materials.

If the plant pot is made of cheap thin plastic, you can put it in your recycle trash can and dump them like regular trash.

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Final Thoughts:

When it comes to dead plants that you want to dispose of, the easiest way to do so is to dig a hole and dump it in and leave it to break down in the soil so you can even use that soil back again. If you do not think the plants you have can be buried. Call your local dump or a plant nursery and see if they will take it.

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