Springtime Deep Cleaning ( Kitchen )

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So its the beginning of spring, and family members will be coming from all over. Each area in your house would need special cleaning if you weren’t doing deep cleaning each month. One of the most used areas is the kitchen.



We use it at least 20 times for the day, and we may make a mess 10 out of those 20 times, so you will need to dedicate 4 hours to clean your kitchen or more.



If you are the one cooking or someone else, your kitchen should look its best for the spring. These methods are what I use to clean my kitchen all the time when I’m doing deep cleaning.


You will need a few things to use, but I think you will have 80% of them at home laying around somewhere.


What you will need



Clothes Brush or toothbrush


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Microfiber cloth






Spray Bottle


Sponge and Scotch Brite


Olive Oil


All-Purpose Cleaner ( Made With Dawn, Vinegar, And Water)



Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water 50/50. Add one tablespoon of dawn dish soap to the mixture and shake it well.



You will be using this to clean whatever areas in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning Process


You will need to clean out each cabinet one by one, this sounds like a lot of work, but it will be worth it.


You will be surprised at the mess that you will find under each product in the cabinets. Spray the all-purpose cleaner on the area and use the sponge and wipe it away. A link below on how to clean your cabinets





Clean the top of your refrigerator; you might think nothing is up there, so why clean it. Each time the front or back door opens, dust comes in the house and circulate and rest wherever it feels like.

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If you want your refrigerator to have a new fresh smell and feeling each time you open it, give it a proper cleaning.


Remove everything from the inside, including the shelves and wash them off. Get rid of food that’s too old and restock the refrigerator.


The picture below will show my refrigerator looking a little overpack because of the recent outbreak; we are trying to fit everything in.



You can use a drop of olive oil on the microfiber cloth and wipe the refrigerator down to give it a glossy look on the outside.


We have an electric stove, and underneath the burner covers, always need a nice scrubbing. All the time, I just use a sponge and wipe whatever I see underneath away, but I know someday I will have to scrub it the proper way.


I apply dawn directly to the area and use a Scotch Brite to scrub grease and any build-up that maybe there.

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You will also need to wash the covers off, and the burners too and then give the stove a proper cleaning with the dawn and the sponge.


If I use the scotch brite on my stove, it will scratch off the material of the stovetop so be careful.



Oh, and don’t forget to wash your drapes in the kitchen and the carpets if you have any in the kitchen in a particular area. You can get new ones to change up the look of the kitchen.


What I do to make my toaster oven easier to clean is spraying it with my cleaning agent at the beginning when I started to clean the kitchen so the grease and grime will be easy to remove when I reach it.


You see the tray underneath the toaster on the inside that catches whatever falls when your cooking.



Cover that tray with foil paper, and this will make it so much easier to clean because the only thing you need to do is remove the foil paper and add the next piece.

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Lastly, just remove everything off the countertops and just wipe it down with the cleaning agentand you will see how wonderful your kitchen will look and feel after you have done doing all this.


You should clean any area that you think will need cleaning as well, especially where the countertops and stove meet. The toothbrush will come in handy in this situation.


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