How to Remove Marker From Wall

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How to Remove Marker From Wall

Kids these days will draw on anything they can find, and that includes the wall in each room of your house. Permanent markers are the worse to deal with, and the longer they stay on the wall, the harder it will be to come off. A regular marker is easy to come off, so you only need to wipe that off.

When it comes to removing markers from walls, you will need to get a few things because only string chemicals can remove permanent markers off a wall. You will need to buy a few things so that you can start the cleaning process, or maybe you will have some at home.

Will A Permanent Marker Stain Your Wall?

Permanent sharpie

The short answer is yes, a permanent marker will stain your walls if it stays on it for too long. Even if the market isn’t permanent, it can still stain your wall if it’s left over a period of time.

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Short And Quick Way:

Take a microfiber cloth and fold it in and pour a generous amount of bleach on it and wipe your wall in a circular motion. Turn over the cloth and add more bleach and wipe the area until it’s clean, and your walls should be marker free in minutes.


6 Methods To Properly Clean Permanent Marker Off Walls

Below is a few methods that will remove makers off a wall, whether it is a permanent marker mark or just a regular sharpie. These methods are the best and will remove every sharpie mark off your wall.

1. How To Remove Maker From Wall With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great cleaning agent when it comes to sanitizing cuts and so much more things. It is also great when it comes to cleaning off your walls. It can remove mold, hair dye, and even markers from your walls without putting in too much work. When using hydrogen peroxide, you will need to be careful to not spread it too much so that it doesn’t fade the color of your wall.

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Step 1. Take the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and wet a sponge or a microfiber cloth generously and wipe the area of the wall with the sharpie mark. Wiping in one direction will allow you to not spread the marker when it starts to break down.

Step 2. You may need to switch to different sections of the cloth or sponge when that part you are using gets dirty. This will ensure that you do not keep adding back the marker stain to the wall. Just keep wiping until the wall goes back to its original color.


2. Paint Thinner To Remove Marker From Wall

Paint thinner was made to thin out the paint so that it could be used to spray or paint onto a surface much easier. The thing with paint thinner is that it has a very strong odor to it, and you will need to wear a proper face covering and gloves when using it. I would also recommend opening a window around the area when you start to use it.

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Step 1. Start by pouring a small amount of paint thinner on a microfiber cloth or any cloth you can find. The paint thinner will be strong so you only should wipe the area of the wall that has the sharpie mark on it.

Step 2. Push two fingers into the cloth where you added the paint thinner and wipe or rub the area of the wall. Try not to go out of the stained area to avoid stripping the paint from your wall when you are done removing the marker mark, through away the cloth and wipe the wall down with clean water and soap.


3. How To Remove Maker From Wall With Nail Polish Remover 

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Not everyone will have nail polish remover at their house, but if a guy is reading this and you live with your wife or girlfriend, she will have some in a cabinet. Nail polish remover is safe to use, and it works as well as paint thinner.

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Step 1. Wet a sponge or microfiber cloth and wipe the marker mark on the wall in a circular motion until the area is clean. Make sure to wipe off your wall with clean water to remove the nail polish smell and what is remains on the wall so that it doesn’t fade the paint on the wall.


4. Warm Water And Dish Soap To Clean Wall

This method is for markers or sharpies that are not permanent and can be wiped off with a simple cloth. Using warm water and dish soap will make it much easier than just using a dry cloth. While doing this, do not wipe any other place on your wall because the water will have some coloring from the marker and will discolor the rest of your wall if you wipe it with it.


5. Using Bleach To Remove Marker From Wall

clorox bleach in hand

Using bleach on your walls to remove a permanent marker Mark should be one of the first ideas that come to your mind. Using bleach on the wall will be one of the best methods you can choose because it will both remove the marker mark and clean your walls as well. 

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When using the bleach to clean the marker mark off, ensure that you are we are in a pair of gloves because concentrated bleach can strip the skin off your fingers. I would also recommend using a sponge or paper towel because if you use a microfiber cloth, the bleach will ruin that cloth permanently.


6. Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Marker From Wall

When it comes to rubbing alcohol, I would recommend using it to clean your entire house to get rid of bacteria and even bad odors. Rubbing alcohol is one of the go to cleaning products that I use on a regular basis, so using it to remove marker marks off your wall is another great way to do it.

Steps. When you are using rubbing alcohol to clean anything, it is best that you pour it into a spray bottle and spray the area with it. Use a cloth or paper towel and wipe the area clean, and you are done. Just ensure that you wipe off everything off the wall.

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Final Thought:

The walls in your house should be clean all the time, and with marker marks on them, it will make it look dirty. Removing the permanent sharpie mark isn’t that hard, and you can remove it with the methods above easily. Your walls will be clean after following these methods.

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