How to Get Pencil Off Wall

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How to Get Pencil Off Wall

Kids love to draw and express their self through it. Some of them find it relaxing so we allow them to do it. When they draw on the walls and we have to get the pencil mark off the wall is the problem. 

We do not have the time to be using a small eraser to eraser every pencil line so you need a quicker and faster method and this article will provide that.

pencil mark on wall

To Quickly remove the pencil off your walls. Spray a generous amount of bleach on the area and use a thick piece of paper towel and wipe the pencil drawing off whether it is a colored pencil or regular pencil markings.

Using WD-40 To Remove Pencil Off Wall

WD-40 is one of the most versatile products I have come across in a long time. You can use it to remove stains off anything in your house and it works well on pencil marks. Using the WD-40 on the pencil mark is quite easy.

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All you need to do is spray some of the WD-40 on a microfiber cleaning cloth or any cloth you have and wipe the pencil marks or drawing off the walls. 

The only thing you will need to do after is wipe down the wall with clean water to remove the WD-40 smell from it and you are done. Your walls should look white as before.

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Dawn Dish Soap To Remove Pencil Mark

adding dawn dish soap to water
Dawn dish soap is my favorite dish soap because I can use it for 10 different things and it works just fine. Using dawn dish soap to clean pencil drawings off your walls Is really easy. All you need to do is add some warm water to a small cleaning bucket then pour some dawn dish soap in it.

Use an MR Clean magic eraser or a regular dishwashing sponge and scrub the pencil marking off the walls. When you scrub the pencil marking in a circular motion it tends to loosen up the markings quite well.

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Use A Large Eraser To Remove Pencil Mark

Using an eraser on the marks on the walls will be the first idea that comes to your head. But using a regular small eraser will take forever and make your arms hurt. What works best is if you used a large eraser that can cover a larger area.

You can buy it and have it to clean the wall with whenever your kids decide to draw or mark the walls with a pencil again. Do not try to use the eraser as if you were using it on paper, you will need to put more strength into it when trying to get the pencil marks off the wall.

Nail Polish Remover On Pencil Marks

a person holding acetone in there hands

Nail polish remover is a strong form of acetone similar to rubbing alcohol. But the nail polish remover is a bit stronger. If you decide to use this method I strongly recommend that you use a glove and face mask when cleaning the wall.

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To use the nail polish remover pour a generous amount of nail polish on a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the pencil marks in a circular motion until the pencil lines are gone. You may need to switch to a cleaner part of the cleaning cloth and add more nail polish remover if one side gets too dirty.

Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Pencil Off Wall

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to clean areas where you do not want to use bleach. I recently used it to get hair dye off my bathroom countertop. To use the rubbing alcohol on the pencil mark on your wall.

You need to wet a large portion of a cleaning cloth and wipe the pencil mark off the wall. The first section of the cloth will get dirty fast so you will need to switch to a clean section sooner than you think so you do not keep rubbing the pencil color back onto the wall.

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Once you have gotten all the pencil marks off, you can give the wall a regular cleaning to make it look good.

Remove Pencil Mark With Baking Soda

Over the years of using baking soda to do different things with cleaning and more, I have developed a respect for it because it works so well with cleaning. To use it to clean your wall and get the pencil mark off. Just mix half cups of baking soda into a small bowl with warm water and use a dishwashing sponge to clean the wall off.

The baking soda will also remove old dirt and grease off your walls so you may have to clean the entire wall so it can fit in with the rest. This method should not be used on wallpapers only on walls.

Using Clorox Bleach

holding clorox bleach in hand

And last but not least bleach. Bleach is very powerful and can basically get anything off your walls if you try hard enough. When it comes to getting pencil marks off, the bleach will just clean it off like it was a hot knife going through butter. 

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All you need to do is spray some of the bleach on the pencil marks and wipe it off with a thick piece of paper towel.

How To Remove Colored Pencil

Colored pencils are not the same as regular pencils and you cannot use an mr clean magic eraser or a regular eraser to clean them off. You will need to use strong chemicals to get the colored pencil off your walls. To do so use any of the chemicals below.

Use Bleach To Remove Colored Pencils – spray some bleach on the colored pencil marks and use a cleaning cloth or sponge and scrub the pencil off.

Using Nail Polish Remover To Remove Colored Pencil – Use the same cleaning method above with bleach to remove the colored pencil marks.


In closing all of the methods above work amazing but based on how much pencil marks are on your wall. You will need to choose a method that works the easiest and quickest. For large areas covered in pencil marks, use bleach or dawn dish soap, and for small areas use WD-40 or the rubbing alcohol method.

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