How to Clean Oily Pillowcases

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How to Clean Oily Pillowcases

Oily and a greasy yellow pillow is a common problem for both men and women. I have this problem as well and had to stop putting oil in my hair that much so that my pillowcase will not get so oily.

This led to my hair getting dry all the Tim so I had to start using a lot of oil and hair products which maybe my pillowcase yellow and greasy again. What this article will do is teach you how to clean an oily pillowcase and remove any yellow stains from it without using bleach. Plus the best ways to stop your pillowcase from getting greasy.


Why are my pillow case oily?

So you want to know why you’re pillowcases are greasy, to begin with.  This is caused by two of the most common things, the oil in your hair and the dead skin and sweat that comes off your body at night. This is the same reason your mattress looks yellow and needs to be steam cleaned.

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When we sleep we sweat to help cool down our body and most times dead skin cells will be in that sweat. If you have ever tasted your sweat you will know that its very salty and this will stain your pillowcase over time if it is not washed properly.

Oily Hair:

Oily hair is the number 1 cause of a greasy pillow. The different products we use to make our hair look the best do have a lot of oil in it. Each night when you sleep you should cover your head in a Bandana, Head Scarf, or Even a Durag for women. Make sure if you purchase one that it is made of silk so it doesn’t absorb the oil in your hair and makes your hair dry.

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Types Of Pillow Case:

These are the most common pillowcases that you will find or have in your house if you did not buy a specific type. Some of these pillowcases are not machine washable, but the cleaning method you will do doesn’t require a machine. Check the label of the pillowcase to know what you can do with it.

  1. Silk Pillowcase
  2. Cotton pillowcases
  3. Satin Pillowcase
  4. Polyester Pillowcase
  5. Flannel Pillowcase
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Things You Will Need To Clean A Greasy Pillowcase:

How do you wash greasy pillow cases?

oily pillowcase that looks yellow

This is the exact cleaning method I use to clean my pillowcases that have become super greasy and stained with a yellow color.  Make sure to gather all the cleaning supplies and tools need before you start to wash the pillowcase.

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is get the large container that you should have gotten and fill it 3/4 full with warm water.

adding dawn dish soap to water

Add 1/4 cup of dawn dish soap and then pour about half of the laundry detergent cup into the water and mix it around.

adding laundry detergent to water

2. Take the pillowcase or cases and dip them in the water. Now you will use the Fels Naptha Soap Bar and rub the entire pillowcase, especially areas with yellow stains.

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adding baking soda to water to wash pillow case

3. For areas with deep yellow stains, also rub a little baking soda on it as well to help break down the grease even faster.

4. Leave the pillowcase in the water for 2 to 4 hours before you though it again.

brushing pillow case clean

5. Once the 2 to 4 hours are up, use the scrub brush and scrub the yellow and oily areas on the pillowcase until it is white again.

6. Now you can rinse the pillowcase in your washing machine or by hand and place it in the dryer. Your pillowcase should no longer have stain oily marks.

(Note) To clean white pillowcases, you can use this exact cleaning method as well but add bleach to the water mixture. But use bleach only if the pillowcase is white.

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How Do I Stop My Pillow From Getting Greasy?

yellow oil stain on pillow

Below will be some of the best methods you can implement on a daily or weekly basis to stop your pillow or pillowcases from getting dirty.

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1. Use head covers each night before you go to bed to prevent oil from your hair from getting on your pillow or pillowcase.

2. Wash your pillowcases on a weekly basis so that grease and sweat do not combine together over time. I recommend every week or every 2 weeks to wash and change your pillow.

3. If your pillowcase starts to look discolored, you need to wash it or change it so that the grease doesn’t get transferred to the pillow itself.


Why Do Pillowcases Get Yellow And Greasy?

The reason why your pillowcase will have the yellow look to it is because of the mixture of your sweat in your hair mixing with the ingredients of the products you use in your hair. And the grease comes from the hair products.

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