6 Easy Ways to Get Hair Dye Off Counter

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How to Get Hair Dye Off Counter

Getting hair dye on your brand new Corian countertop or granite countertops can be a disaster because they are both expensive and you wouldn’t want to remove the finish. I know you will be panicking and wondering what to do, but that is what this article will show you how to do with ease. Remove hair dye off your counter in less than an hour. For this article, I purposely pour hair dye on my bathroom counter to see how hard and long each method is. You will see the results at the end of the article.

hair dye stain on bathroom counter top

There will be 6 different cleaning methods you can use that all work, but some require you to buy something, and others you will have at home immediately to use. Let’s get to getting that hair dye off your counter now.

General Things You Will Need:

These items are what you will need for each method below to clean, but some are for specific cleaning methods. If you do not have any of these products, I will link to them on amazon.

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Best Ways To Get Hair Dye Off Countertop

Below are the 6 different ways you can clean and remove hair dye from your countertop with detailed instructions and some pictures to help you remove the dye stain fasters and stress-free. All of these methods will require you to do some scrubbing for a period of time and also let the cleaning agent sit for 20 to 30 minutes to work properly.


1. Nail Polish Remover To Remove Hair Dye From Counter 

using nail polish remover on hair dye stain

Nail polish remover is an amazing product that is safe to use on your finger so you know you can use it on your bathroom countertops as well. You might be wondering if it can remove hair dye? The answer to that is yes it can. It will break down the dye slowly as if it was nail polish, but you will need to give it a little help by using a sponge to scrub the hair dye stain.

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Steps To Take:

1. Put on your Gloves and remove everything from the bathroom countertop so you do not get them messy as well.

2. Fill your cleaning container halfway with warm water and place a microfiber cleaning cloth in it.

3. Open your bottle of nail polish remover or acetone and wet a piece of a paper towel with it. Wipe each area with the hair dye stain in a circular motion. You can also pour some on it.

4. Let it sit for 30 minutes 1 hour only if the hair dye has been on the counter and dried already, if it was just spilled, wipe it immediately then you wet the sponge with some more nail polish remover and scrub the stain in a circular motion. Do not wipe the entire countertop because the dye will spread too much.

5. Once you see the hair dye loosening, use pieces of paper towel and wipe the area clean. Now you can use the microfiber cloth and water to clean the countertop off.

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2. Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Break Down Hair Dye

bleach on hair dye stain on countertop

The majority of homes these days will have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom cabinet or underneath the sink. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best countertop cleaning products because it can get rid of bacteria without using bleach. It is also acidic which will help to break down the hair dye on your countertop to make it easier to come off with a few scrubs.

Steps To Take:

1. Put on a pair of gloves and wet a piece of paper towel with the hydrogen peroxide until it is dripping and pat each area with dye stain or pour the hydrogen peroxide on the stain directly.

2. Let the hydrogen peroxide sit on the stain for 1 hour before you touch it.

3. Wet the sponge or Mr clean magic eraser with more hydrogen peroxide and scrub the area with stains until you see all the hair dye loosens. Scrubbing may take 10 to 20 minutes. You can always add more hydrogen peroxide and let it sit.

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4. Use thick sheets of paper towel and wipe up the loose dye and use a microfiber cloth with warm water in a container to wash the area clean.

5. Finish up by wiping the counter with another piece of dry paper towel.


3. Paint Thinner To Clean Hair Dye Off Countertop 

cleaning hair dye stain with paint thinner on bathroom countertop

Paint thinner is one of the best chemicals you can use to clean hair dye or paint off a countertop. With paint thinner, you literally can just wipe the hair dye off as if it was just water on the countertop if it was just spilled. There is a catch though, paint thinner is very strong and may damage your countertop if it is left on for too long. Use this method with extra caution and wipe immediately after applying.

Steps To Take:

1. Put on your gloves and clear the entire counter. Wipe up any excessive amount of hair dye that might be on it with a piece of paper towel.

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2. Pour some paint thinner on the stain marks and let it sit for 30 minutes and then wipe each stained area individually until the stain starts to loosen up. This might take a few minutes, you can switch pieces of paper towel if one gets too dirty.

3. Wipe off the area with some fresh clean water and a microfiber cloth to take off any of the paint thinners that might be there.

4. Repeat this process for each hair dye spot until the counter is totally clean.

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4. Clorox Surface Cleaner 

using bleach on hair dye stain

Clorox bleach and some other surface cleaners can take hair dye off your counter but will require a lot of work. This method works best for stains that were just created and are easy to wipe up. Simply apply some of the bleach or regular cleaning solution on the stain and let it sit for 1 hour and wipe it off with a piece of paper towel. If some stain is left, repeat the cleaning process.

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5. Baking Soda And Vinegar Homemade Mixture

using baking soda to clean hair dye stain on countertop

Baking soda and vinegar are one of the best homemade cleaning solutions that you can make that is non-toxic. All you need is a small container the size of a bowl, 1 cup white distilled vinegar, and half a cup baking soda, and mix it around.

Step To Take:

1. Put on your pair of gloves and clear the countertop of everything.

2. With the mixture you made above, dip the sponge into the mixture and scrub each of the stains on your counter.

3. Once all the hair dye is loosened, use a piece of paper towel and wipe the area clean and you are done.


6. Steam Clean Hair Dye Stain 

removing hair die stain with steam cleaner

This method is for people who like to clean and have everything they want to clean within their house, that is why I left this method for last. Steam cleaners can get really pricey but will help you clean and remove stains, grease, and dirt from any area, especially your counter.

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Steam will break down any form of stain no matter how strong it is and it is the safest method to use on your countertops because you will literally only use steam and a piece of paper towel.

Steps to take:

1. Put on your gloves and prepare your steam cleaner.

2. Once the steam cleaner is ready, use the nozzle that sprays steam out or the steam pad directly and steam the stained area until you see the hair dye stain loosening. You can also add some bleach to the stain and let it sit before you use the steam cleaner to make the cleaning process much faster.

3. Use a piece of thick paper towel and wipe the area clean and you are done.

4. (Note) The steam cleaner that I’m using will be linked above in the things you need section. For a homemade steam cleaner, wet a microfiber cloth with hot water and wipe the stained area quickly. 

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Before Cleaning Hair Dye Stain

hair dye stain on countertop

After Cleaning The Hair Dye Stain Using Any Of The Methods

clean bathroom countertop



After doing this experiment on my own bathroom countertop. I find that using bleach and letting it sit for a few hours on the stain is one of the best methods to work. What I also tried is using all the cleaning methods together to form a super cleaning solution that really helps after letting them sit on it for a few hours. I scrub the stain with a soft sponge and got the results above.

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