How to Get Rid Of Flies On Patio

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How to Get Rid Of Flies On Patio 

A patio is a great place where the family can hang out and talk while cooking something to eat on the grill. Having flies on your patio can be caused by a few things, but getting rid of the flies on your patio is the challenging part. Using a fly zap or something to slap them won’t work.

You need to find out why the flies are coming in the first place and fix that problem in order to keep the flies away from your patio. Below are four ways that you can use to keep the flies away permanently in an easy way.

Short Answer – The Best way to get rid of flies on your patio is to remove all food sources that they will have and give the area a proper cleaning. This will prevent flies from coming back and even multiplying and having maggots on your patio. Use bleach or vinegar to clean that area when you are ready because they hate the smell of vinegar, and bleach will remove any bacteria that they left behind.

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Method 1. Store Garbage In Different Areas

open trash can

Garbage cans and bins are needed to store garbage in, but what’s in the garbage bin is flies favorite food. Old food that is rotting away in the garbage bin. Some of us choose to keep the trash in the garbage bin on the patio, and this is one of the reasons why flies are on your patio.

Removing the garbage bin and trash from the patio will get rid of the flies immediately because the food source that they had will be gone. Closing the garbage bin will not help that much because the flies will still fly around the patio, waiting for the trash can to open to go in and multiply. So remove the trash can or garbage bin off the patio to get rid of the flies.


Method 1. Remove Food

A patio is a very comfortable place where you can sit and eat. I have done this before, and it was great. But what I did was drop food on the patio by mistake, and I didn’t get the chance to take it up. Some of it even got between the stone slabs. After a few days, I started to see 1 to 3 flies, and eventually, more of them started to come.

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If you eat on your patio often, you should clean it up immediately after you eat and check between the stone slabs or gravel if you see any food that you need to get rid of. This will get rid of any flies that you have on your patio flying around.


Method 3. Clean The Patio 

Over time if you use your patio often, you will need to clean it properly because food and other sauces might be spilled or left on it. You need to clean the tables, chairs, and even the grill if you have one on your patio. I recommend cleaning your patio every other week if you use it often to prevent flies from coming on it.


Method 4. Put Up Fly Traps On Your Patio

Last but not least is an electric fly trap. Not the fly traps that you stick on walls and they get stuck to it. The fly trap that I’m talking about will trap a lot of insects like bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and a lot more. These fly traps might seem pricey at first, but they last longer and are very effective.

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They also will blend in with your patio and not look out of place but will attract and get rid of every fly and mosquito on your patio. Click the image above to purchase the fly trap that I recommend.

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Final Thoughts:

Flyers on the patio aren’t a good thing because they can go on your food while you’re eating and make your place look not so clean. Getting rid of the flies isn’t that hard if you think about it. Choose any of the methods above to get rid of the flies on your patio, and you will see results within an hour once you have done it.

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