How to Clean Popcorn Ceiling 

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How to Clean Popcorn Ceiling 

Popcorn ceilings were a style in the mid 20th century and looked good then. But modern days like now, we have a totally different style. These popcorn ceilings are very hard to clean if you do not know the right ways. These popcorn ceilings can be found in some older homes, that we inherited or just buy.


bathroom ceiling

Cleaning popcorn ceilings is easier than taking them down, so if you bought a house and it is dirty try cleaning first by following this article. Sometimes a professional will be needed if the roof is in a rough condition, but in most cases, all the roof needs are some touch-up paint and a good cleaning.

All the tools you need to clean popcorn ceilings in your house will be listed below so you can have everything to make this cleaning process easier for you or whoever is cleaning the ceiling.

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Cleaning Equipment Needed:

Extended Mop

Spray Bottle

Dawn Dish Soap

Cleaning Bucket 



Plastic Cover

Steps For Clean A Popcorn Ceiling 

Below is how I clean popcorn ceilings in my house to remove dust mold and anything that might be on it.


Step 1: Prepare the room for cleaning

covered furniture

Cleaning a popcorn ceiling can get really messy if you have not prepared the area correctly. Covering your furniture and appliances will be necessary so you do not have to clean them up afterward. The easiest way to cover them up is by using a mask plastic cover that I will list above.

covered Furniture

This is very easy to use and will save you so much cleaning after you have done it. The next thing you want to do is move the furniture to a corner so there is room for you to walk around. You can also place some of the covering on the floor as well. Covering up the floors and furniture is only necessary if you do not want to have to wipe down all the furniture when you are done especially if the ceiling is very dusty and stripping.

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Step 2: Prep the surface 

In this stage, you can either use a short ladder or buy the extension map I listed above. The extension mop will be safer and easier to use. Because you will be looking up to the ceiling, you will need to have on glasses and gloves.

Use the dry dust mop and dust as much of the dust off the ceiling and remove cobwebs as well. You can also use a broom to get the cobwebs off if that is easier for you.


Step 3: Clean deep stained areas

spraying cleaning solution on popcorn ceiling

Not every part of the ceiling will have stains, but those parts of the ceiling that have stains will be hard to remove. You can make a homemade cleaning by mixing bleach, vinegar, and a few tablespoons of dawn dish soap in a spray bottle, add water and shake it well.

Spray the cleaning solution on the area and leave it for a few minutes, use the mop and scrub the area, this mop will come with a scrub brush extension or you can use a small step ladder and climb on it and use a regular scrub brush and remove the stain.

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Step 4: Clean the entire ceiling

Now that you have cleaned the hard stain areas, you can now clean the entire ceiling. You can use the same cleaning mixture you just made a spray the entire popcorn ceiling or you can make some more in a large cleaning container. Pour 5 tablespoon dawn dish soap in the bucket, half cup bleach, half cup vinegar, and then add warm water.

pouring bleach in cleaning bucket

Dip the microfiber cleaning attachment of the mop in the water and wipe down the entire ceiling until you are satisfied that it is clean and dust and mold have been removed. After the ceiling has dried, you might have a few spots that need paint touch-up and a little fill-in. You can either leave it or get a small amount of paint and do the touch-up yourself.

If you want to prevent other stains from coming back, you can use oil primer sealant to prevent this from happening again. This cleaning method will remove grease, mildew, smoke stains, and other things.

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