How to Get Crayon Off Plastic

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How to Get Crayon Off Plastic

I have a family member who runs a home daycare and encounter this problem with crayon each day. How to get crayon off plastic can be as easy as how it when on there she said to me. Not all plastic will be easy to clean, especially if the plastic has a rough texture to it where the crayon can get in the groves. If you have crayon stuck on your carpets, here is the perfect way to get it out with this article you can read as well.

This cleaning method I have personally done it myself and it works great and I will show you a step-by-step picture guide on how to do it. You will need a few cleaning items to get together that you will need, I will list them below with a link to buy the product if you do not have it already.

For a short answer – Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda on the crayon mark on the plastic and use a magic eraser with warm water and scrub it off. Use a piece of paper towel and wipe the area clean when the crayon mark is gone. For more in-depth instructions, read more.

Things Needed:

Dawn Dish soap

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Scrub Brush

Magic Eraser or Scotch Brite

Paper Towel


Baking Soda

How to Remove Crayon from Plastic

Below is the step-by-step picture illustrated guide on how to remove crayon from plastic whether the plastic has groves and textures like a plastic toy box or plastic table with grits. This cleaning method will not damage or change the color of the plastic you are cleaning.


Step 1: Gather cleaning products

This first step will make the cleaning process a lot easier on you so you won’t have to be running around the house trying to find what’s needed to get the crayon off the plastic. You will need to have a small bowl of warm water along with some of the cleaning products about like the Dawn dish soap, baking soda, paper towel, sponge or magic eraser, and scrub brush.


Step 2: Clear around the area with crayon mark

Typically the area where your kid has drawn on with the crayon will have other things around it. For example, the play table, remove every other toy from it so they won’t be in your way or get messy as well. If your kid is marked off the chair, move it to a clear location where you can clean freely. 

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Step 3: Clean crayon mark off plastic 

cleaning plastic with dawn dish soap

This is the step where the magic of having the plastic look new again. In the warm water that you poured in the bowl, add 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap to it and mix it around and place the sponge or magic eraser in it to soak up the soap or you can add the dawn dish soap to the wet sponge.

pouring baking on crayon stain on plastic

Use the sponge and wipe over the area on the plastic that has the crayon marks on it and sprinkle some baking so on that area. The baking soda will give you the rough texture needed to break down the crayon mark. While you are wiping the area, add more baking soda to help break down the crayon.

removing crayon mark off plastic with baking soda
Now you can use the sponge and scrub the area in a circular motion that will penetrate the crayon stain even better. If the texture of the material you are cleaning has groves in it like a toy box. You can use a small scrub brush instead of a sponge to get into those areas.

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When you see all the crayon stain is gone, you can use a piece of paper towel and wipe the area down and place back everything that was there before.


Step 4: Double-check for more marks

Now that the affected area is cleaned and the crayon mark is gone. You will need to double-check to see if your child or children have marked other areas around the house because once they are in the artistic phase of drawing, they will draw on other areas of the house or the same thing that they just draw on.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

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