how to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

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How to Get Crayon Out Of Carpet

If you have kids, you definitely will have a box or a few boxes of Crayola crayons at home. How to get it out of carpet is the challenging part because it can stick to the fibers and stain them. Crayons can be much harder to get out of carpets because it is not as solid as slime and playdough.

What this article will do is teach you how to get crayon out of your carpets in 3 different methods with step by step picture guide. All the methods below have been done and try by meet to get crayon stains out of my carpet. Depending on the type of carpet you have, you won’t have to scrape the crayon off.


Things Needed:

Some of these cleaning products are needed for the cleaning process, so get them together before you start to clean.

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Butter Knife

Dawn Dish Soap

Cleaning cloth 

Scrub Brush 

Goo Gone ( for method 3 )


For a Quick answer –

cleaning crayon mark with wd 40

To remove crayon out of your carpet in the quickest way, rub it with an ice pack to let the crayon harden and spray the area with WD-40 then let it sit for 10 minutes. Use a sponge and wipe the crayon out until it is gone and then let it air dry. Follow the methods below for deeper stain crayon marks on your carpet.


Three Cleaning Methods to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol 

This first method includes rubbing alcohol which is a great cleaning agent that doesn’t damage most materials it touches.

Step 1:

In this step, you will clear everything off the carpet near the area that has the crayon marks and stains. Once you do that, use the butter knife to scrape off any chunks of crayons that are there.

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Step 2:

Vacuuming crayon stain

Vacuum up what you have scraped off with the butter knife. Spray some of the rubbing alcohol on the affected area and let it sit for 10 minutes and do its work. 

Note: do not pour the rubbing alcohol on the carpet because it will loosen the adhesive on the back of it and void your carpet’s warranty.

Step 3:

wiping crayon mark with dawn dish soap

In this step, you can either use a scrub brush that is soft enough so it won’t damage the material of your carpet or you can wet a microfiber cleaning cloth with warm water and wipe the area.

Step 4:

After you have finished wiping the affected area of the carpet. Check to make sure everything is gone and the color from the crayon is wiped out. You can get a fresh microfiber cleaning cloth with more warm water and wipe it again. Use a hairdryer or cloth iron to dry the carpet fast enough if you don’t want to let it air dry.

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Method 2: Using Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap is the go-to cleaning product to remove stains and other things so it is great when it comes to removing crayon out of your carpet. 

Step 1:

scraping crayon mark off carpet

Scape any build-up of the crayon off the carpet so it is easier to clean with the dawn dish soap. Whatever you got off take it up and throw it away.

Step 2:

Since you have removed the large chunks of crayon if any was there. You can now use a vacuum and remove anything your hands couldn’t get to. Mix 2 teaspoons of dawn dish soap in a large enough container with warm water. 

Step 3:

wiping crayon mark with dawn dish soap

Before you add the dawn dish soap check to see if it will stain the carpet, you can do this by testing it on a small area or looking on the tag on the back of the carpet. Now wet a microfiber cleaning cloth with the mixture you just made and wipe out the stain and then use a fresh cleaning microfibre cloth and clean the area again. If the crayon mark will not come out with the microfiber cleaning cloth, use a scrub brush.

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Step 4:

To dry the carpet, let it air dry or use a hairdryer on the hottest setting.


Method 3: Using Goo Gone

Yes, goo gone can be used to remove crayon stains from carpets, and if you have kids at home you definitely need to have a bottle of this. 

Step 1:

scraping crayon mark

Just as the steps above, you need to scrape off the big chunks of crayons if any is there. But with goo gone, you don’t have to do that really, because pouring some of the go0 gone on the crayon stain on your carpet will soften up everything.

Step 2:

cleaning carpet with goo gone

Let the goo gone sit for 20 minutes after you pour it on it and then use a scrub brush or paper towel and wipe out the crayon mark. If chunks of the crayon is in your way because it is loosened, use a vacuum and suck it up so it doesn’t spread more on the carpet.

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Step 3:

cleaning crayon with goo gone

Repeat wiping the area of the carpet where the crayon is until any signs of the colors are gone. Once you did that, use a clean microfiber cleaning cloth with warm water and wipe the area off to finish cleaning it. Dry by using a hairdryer or clothes iron.

brushing carpet with scrub brush



To prevent this from happening to you in the first place, have a dedicated area in your house where your kids can go and paint so they don’t mess up the carpets and walls or if they do, the walls are already covered and protected by plaster just like the floors. Each of these methods works amazingly if done correctly.

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