How to Get Playdough Out of Carpet

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How to Get Playdough Out of Carpet

Getting playdough out of a carpet is hard and you can eventually spread it even more if you do not know what you are doing. I have a family member who has a home daycare and she deals with this all the time. What she does to get the playdough out of the carpet is to leave it to dry and harden then scrape it out and clean the area with rubbing alcohol.

playdough on carpet

Below is a more in-depth way to do it so you will get the best results. Plus you will have a picture guide of each of the steps I take to do it myself. So getting the playdough out of your carpet will be super easy if you follow this guide. You can learn to clean your carpets without a vacuum with this article I will link to.


Step 1: Let the Playdough dry

Do not try to get playdough out of your carpet if it is still soft and wet. Trying to do this will get the playdough further in your carpet which will even make it more impossible to remove. Letting the playdough try will prevent further spreading while allowing you to scrape it off easily.

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You can let the playdough sit for a few hours or you can manually dry it faster by using an air in a can. This will dry the playdough in a few minutes to allow you to clean it immediately if you want to. You can use a fan or an air drier to use if you cannot get a air in the can.


Step 2: Scrape Playdough off

taking playdough off carpet with knife

Now that the playdough is dry, scraping it off will be super because of this. What I use to scrape off the playdough is a butter knife. The knife will be strong enough to get most of the playdough out but not sharp enough to cut the fabric or damage the carpet.

To scrape the playdough out of the carpet, angle the knife at a 40* degrees angle and scrape the playdough in the opposite direction and pull up. If it seems like the fabric is breaking apple less pressure. What you will need to do now is use a vacuum and vacuum up the area on the carpet.

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vacuuming carpet


Step 3: Apply Cleaning Product

cleaning carpet with rubbing Alcohol

At this point, most of the playdough will be out of your carpet. But some will be remaining in it, to get this out spray some rubbing alcohol on the area and let it sit for 5 minutes. This will loosen up all the playdough and allow you to brush it out with a scrub brush or use the same butter knife.

The reason why you should not apply the rubbing alcohol on all of the playdough is that getting the playdough wet after it is dry will bring you right back to step 1.

Note: Spray the rubbing alcohol on the area and do not pour it out on the carpet. The rubbing alcohol will break down the adhesive on the back of the carpet if it soaks through it.


Step 4: Wash The Area Of  The Carpet

clean carpet remove red wine stain

If your carpet is small and can fit in a washing machine, use it to wash the carpet. Make sure your carpet is machine washable by checking the tag on the back of the carpet. If your carpet is too large or not machine washable. You can pour some warm water in a spray bottle and spray the area on the carpet.

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Step 5: Dry The Wet Area

using paper towel to clean carpet

To dry the area on your carpet that you just wash. Get a microfiber cleaning cloth or some paper towel. Use the paper towel or cleaning cloth and pat the area to suck up the water that is remaining.

To quickly dry the area after doing that, place a fan to blow on it for a few hours or use a hairdryer and dry it with the heat. In the picture below I’m using a can with compressed air to dry the area.

using compressed air to dry carpet

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