How To Organize Freezer Drawer: Video Guide Included

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How To Organize Freezer Drawer

Learning how to organize a freezer drawer properly can save you both money and time. You might be wondering how can it save me money, look at this scenario. Your freezer bottom drawer is so unorganized you buy extra amount of the same food product not knowing you have it in the refrigerator freezer. This will let the old food go bad and waste your money in the meantime while digging around to find something will cost you time.

Most modern homes have bottom freezer drawers and French door freezers. This article will show you how to organize the bottom drawer freezer in a French door refrigerator that can also apply to a regular refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom. 

I will also include a video of me showing how to organize the freezer drawer if you do not want to read or read and watch the video to get a better understanding. Now let us get to organizing those freezer drawers.

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Freezer Drawer Organization Guide

A. Empty Your Freezer Drawers 

In this step, you will need to take everything out of the freezer drawers first before you can do anything. This will allow you to be able to clean the drawers, shelves and to see if meat water leaked somewhere. The drawers will be much easier to come out so you won’t have to worry if you are going to break the glass or plastic drawers.

You can place the food products on the kitchen island, countertop, and stove if it is not hot. Placing a paper towel on the surface will stop any water from leaking on your countertops and causing it to smell like meat water.


B. Take The Freezer Drawers Out 

inside a clean freezer

Take the freezer drawers out after you have finished the step above and place them in the kitchen sink and give them a proper wash. This will remove any red stains, odors, or anything on the dividers or drawer.

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You can use a combination of dawn dish soap along with bleach to kill any bacteria that might be there. Scrub the drawer and wash them off with warm water, also you can let them air dry or use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to dry them faster.


C. Clean Freezer And Shelves

cleaning the inside of the freezer drawer

Since you have cleaned the drawers, shelves, and dividers, it only makes sense to clean out the freezer itself to give it a very clean and organized look to it. I realize when cleaning the freezer drawer that I cannot use a strong-smelling bleach product in the freezer itself because as soon as the meat products go in, they will smell like bleach.

Try and find some cleaning product you have that doesn’t have a strong smell to it and clean the freezer out. You can use dawn dish soap to clean the freezer because it will not leave such a strong odor.

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D. Organize Food Into Categories 

Now that the freezer drawer is cleaned and the freezer is clean itself. You can now go-ahead to start sorting out the food products you have because cleaning out the freezer drawer isn’t enough to get the job done.

Meat Products:

empty freezer drawer on table

Sort the food out bad different categories and what drawer they should go in. Place large meat products in groups to themselves because they will be going in the freezer bottom to get the colder temperature. Make sure to divide pork, fish, beef, and chicken from each other to avoid cross-contamination.


organize vegetable on table

Place the vegetables in a different section to themself and see what you have cut already. Some fruits and vegetables will make other vegetables go bad faster so look up what vegetables do so that you might have and divide them from each other. If you have a French door refrigerator you can store the vegetables in the middle drawer or bottom drawer.

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Regular Food Item:

Place regular food items that use on a daily basis to themself. This will make it much faster for you to find them when you want them, for example, ice cream cookies or cakes, ice cream, yogurt, and other things. For a French door refrigerator, you can store cheese, slices of ham, bacon, chicken nuggets on the top drawer for wick access and the best temperature for them. 

freezer drawer with food

E. Get Rid Of Unwanted Food And Expired Food From Your Freezer Drawer

By following the step above, you will realize that you may have expired food products in the freezer drawer or food that is too old and have freezer burn on them. Freezer burn is when the raw meat is exposed to the cold temperature and dries the exposed meat out and changes its color. Try to store meat in proper containers or plastic bags that have proper seal-like a ziplock bags.

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Old meat and food can ruin fresh food products that you just bought, so make sure to go over everything and remove the old food.


meat on table

F. Place Food Items In Freezer Draws Back

open french door freezer drawers

Now you are almost at the end of organizing your freezer drawer, the last thing you need to do is place everything back in the drawer. When placing the items back in the drawer, place food that is the same as each other and look at the layout before you start putting them back to see if you can set them upright or lay them flat to hold more things. If your freezer has dividers in the drawer, use them to organize items properly.


 Freezer Drawer Organization Video Guide

The video below is showing you a demonstration of how I organize my refrigerator freezer drawer on both sides of the doors. You can still use this method to organize a regular bottom freezer drawer if that’s what you have at home.

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Best Ways To Make Your Freezer Drawers Hold More Items

Freeze Food And Meat Flat

When meat products are soft they can bend in all directions if they do not have bones in them. Use this to your advantage and lay them flat so you store more items in the freezer drawer.

Organize In Size

Look at the layout of the freezer and place items that are large in the largest section of the refrigerator. The largest part of the freezer will most likely be in the bottom section.

Store Things Upright 

Some food products can be stored in an upright position if they are short enough so that other food items can hold more easily.


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