12 Easy Ways To Organize A Pantry With Deep Shelves

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 How to organize a pantry with deep shelves

Organizing a pantry with deep shelves can be a daunting task if you do not know some of these tips and tricks to make the pantry shelves look much better in no time. If you have a totally new custom-made deep shelf pantry or old pantry that you want to organize. These methods will work for both of them.

The benefit of having a pantry with a deep shelf is that you can store much larger items in the far back of the pantry. This allows you to buy more food products and keep them more organized.


1. Declutter Everything First In The Pantry

The first thing you need to do when you decide to organize your party with deep shelves is to take out everything you see in it, even if the pantry is fully loaded do it. If you try to just shift everything around you will eventually get frustrated and start to place everything in different areas without thinking.

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At some point during this process, you will realize that you have items in bottles that you can through away and create more space for much-needed items.


2. Categorize, Categorize Everything You Can

One of the smartest things you can do is to categorize each shelf or even each section of the shelves with different product categories because the shelves are deep and you will forget what’s behind things. This will make it super easy to place each item back by the type of food products they are. For example, you can label categorize a section dedicated to seasoning products.

This will make your pantry look 10x better in just minutes. This little trick can also be used to make your pantry look better if you just want to do a little organization to make a difference quickly in no time.


3. Store Large Items On Lower Shelves Of  The Pantry

laundry Detergent in pantry

A lot of us do have a bad back and hate to lift heavy items because it will lead us straight to the emergency room in no time. Storing heavy items like rice bags on the lower shelves that are deep and can hold more is one of the best things you can do to prevent pain. Large glass jars are also very important to store on a lower shelf because if one falls on you in the face because of a slippery hand, you will defiantly have a broken nose or busted lip.

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For these larger items, make sure the pantry has a door and a lock to it so things cannot roll or fall out accidentally on your kids if they go and try to mess around with it.


4. Store Snacks At The Top Of The Pantry 

I have a cousin that lives with me that is four years old and she loves to hide and take the candies out of the pantry whenever we are not looking. The best solution I had was to store them on the top shelf where she couldn’t reach them or try to climb and get them.

You can follow this method and store any snacks or chips on the highest shelf so your kids cannot hide and eat them out at night when they can.


5. Store Items In Different Places That You Do Not Use Often

Even if you are not totally organizing your deep shelf pantry, you can look in them and find whatever items you are not using that often and store them in a different area. If your kitchen cabinets have space free underneath them, you can use that space and store the items you do not use in your cabinets that often.

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6. Organize Base On Size

Deep shelf pantries give you the option to store anything just by its size, you can put long wine bottles at the back, tall glass jars at the side and so much more places. This is the main reason to have a pantry with deep shelves. The perfect size for a deep shelve pantry is 2 feet, this allows you to store 2 large cases of water side by side without a problem.


7. Follow The First In First Out Rule

I use to work in the food industry managing and storing food items that go out to a large number of consumers. One of the most important things I learned was to use the first product we got in first to make sure they do not go bad.

You can also do the same when storing things in your large deep pantry. This allows you to place the last items you just bought at the back of the pantry and use the items you had before first.

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8. Organize With Flow And Color 

Organizing with a flow can either make or break the way your pantry looks when you are done organizing it. The worst thing you want to do is step back and look and see tall and small items all over the place which hide other products that make them hard to find.

One of the best ways to have more flow when organizing a pantry with deep shelves is to use baskets with matching colors and sizes. This will give the pantry a more uniform look and organized. If you are rebuilding your make sure to check the size of these containers before you make any final decisions.


9. Label Everything Properly In Your Pantry

This is one of the most important things you can do when you decide to organize your pantry in your kitchen or mudroom. Storing the wrong item in the wrong container can ruin your food or even harm you if you consume the wrong food product.

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This will also make your pantry look more organized and put together because each time you go in it, you will see everything you want really quickly and fast. You can buy pricing labels on amazon and stick them on each product and label them.


10. Store Baking Goods In Larger Items In The Pantry

Baking goods like flour, sugar, rice, and other things that you can buy in large quantities can be stored in contains that fit in your pantry better to give you more space. This will enable you to buy more of the same product and add to what you have already in your pantry.

You can use see-through plastic containers that do not rust and can seal properly to prevent roaches, flies, and other items from getting in the containers and ruining your food. Amazon and Walmart will sell these items and I will link to a page full of containers you can buy and use.

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11. Have Dedicated Areas For Stock Piling

Storing extra of a specific food product can make you save a lot of money. Most of the time a supermarket will have a sale during each week. If you are a frugal person you should take advantage of the sale and stockpile.

Some of these items can be large and have, so you should have a dedicated area at the bottom of the pantry or at the third shelf close to the bottom maximum. This will give you the best amount of space possible because the lower section of every pantry will have a bigger space.


Final Thoughts

If you choose to redo your entire pantry, go with a pantry with deep shelves. This will allow you to do so much more things especially if you stockpile food products every month and need the extra space. Remaking your pantry can be really affordable and can even be done by you if you are up to the task, so make the most use of your pantry with deep shelves with these amazing tips and tricks.

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Things To Not Put In Your Pantry:

  • Do not store items in your pantry that have a strong odor to them, this will eventually make other food items smell the same way.
  • Do not put items that are too tall at the back in a deep pantry because you won’t have enough space to take them out when you need to bend them.
  • Do not store open food in your pantry that can harbor ants and other insects in your pantry.


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