How to Decorate A Slanted Wall In Your Bedroom: 10 Easy Ways

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How to Decorate A Slanted Wall In Your Bedroom

Slanted walls and ceiling in your bedroom can make the room feel extra small and like it is falling in on you. I have a room exactly like this and the methods below are some of the methods that I have to use and would use to decorate the walls on the ceiling to make the room feel like a much bigger space than it is. Decorating a slanted wall in your bedroom can be really easy and will transform the way the room looks.

Some of these methods are really cheap to do and you won’t have to break the bank to decorate the wall in your bedroom. Some of them do take some work but it will eventually pay off big time. Let us begin decorating that slanted wall in your bedroom.

1. Paint The Ceiling 

When you lay in the bed and look up on the slot ceiling or wall it will definitely feel like it is caving in on you. Painting the wall in a bright color will change the way you look at the ceiling and walls. If you paint the ceiling in a bright white it will make the room feel much bigger and like the walls are far apart even though they are caving in.

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Darker colors will do the opposite of white, grey, or light blue will do. You can visit your local Home Depot and check out the paint colors and even mix your own paint to make the room your own.

2. Hang Plants On The Wall

Since the wall is slanted a lot of people think the wall is useless. But you can still definitely hang things on the wall especially if you are the type of person who loves plants. You can actually buy stick on shelf hangers on Amazon that can hold up to five or 10 pounds without you drilling in the wall.

After you have bought those hangers, you can visit your local nursery and buy some plants that will survive in your house and decorate the slanted wall with them in your bedroom. Because you are not drilling the wall, I would not recommend hanging the plants over your head if the bed is facing the wall. Only do that if you use a screw to screw on the shelf on the wall.

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3. Make A Mine Gallery 

I do take photographs sometimes as a hobby. If you’re not like me you can go on Amazon and buy some cheap paintings, even on Etsy that people paint and use them to decorate the wall in your bedroom that is slant. You don’t have to buy huge paintings you can buy 4 to 6 and place them evenly on each side of the wall or even in the center to focus your eyes on one area.

Doing this as well will help clear your mind because you will be placing stuff that you like to see on the wall which will give you a relaxing feeling and take your eyes off looking at the slants in the ceiling and on the wall.

4. Use Blinds Instead Of Curtains 

Curtains are kind of old fashion and will make any room in a house look old. They have automatic blinds that you can use to control with your phone or manual blinds that you can just push up with your hand. Either of them will definitely transform the way the wall looks if it has a window and you are using the curtain.

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I can guarantee you that you will love the difference the blind makes especially if you use a color that blends in with the wall or uses a grey color window blind.

5. Add Wallpapers To The Wall

Wallpapers are a great addition to any room if you want to make it pop quickly without spending too much money. Using wallpaper on a slanted wall is the easiest way to make it pop and look different in any way you want it. You can make it look like brick walls, a forest, and even your favorite city.

Using this method will transform the way your room looks within hours and you do not have to spend a lot of money because most of the time you will be only adding the wallpaper to one wall and that is the wall that is slant.

6. Add Wooden Beams

These methods will require you to either get someone to do the job or if you’re scared enough you can do it yourself. I didn’t decorative beams in the ceiling will transform the entire look of the room. It will give it this farmhouse look and will separate the two walls meeting if they did.

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The wood will also enable you to hang things on the ceiling that you couldn’t have hung before because of the angle of the walls. For example a chandelier or a net around your bed to keep out bugs and insects if you would like to keep your windows open.

7. Hanging Lights Or Chandelier 

As mentioned above you can hang chandeliers in your room with slanted walls if they are not joined in the middle. If you did choose to add fake beams to the ceiling or even the real ones, you can add some chandeliers and lighting in the room to help decorate it and make it look better.

LED lights that are super white will make the space feel much more bigger than it is if you’re looking for that feeling as well.

8. Use Shiplap

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Shiplap is one of the best ways to transform how our room looks. This will make the room look more luxurious in every way shape and form. I did this to the basement in my house and it totally transform the basement and made it look even better than the best room in the house which is the living room with all the beautiful furniture.

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Shiplap can get pricey and you might need a contractor to install it but since you will be only doing it in a room. You can budget a small amount of money to do it if you decide not to take down the drywall.

9. Book Shelves

If you have time for a person who reads a bookshelf would make a perfect addition to the slanted wall in your bedroom. You can check online and they do make custom-made bookshelves to specific measurements that you can give them to make to the perfect size for the wall in your bedroom.

Even if you do not want a bookshelf you can still have one made and use it for other things like small pictures, figurines, ornaments, and more stuff that you have laying around your house or in your bedroom that you need space for.

10. Make The Wall An Accent Wall

Accent wall is basically a wall in a room that gets the most attention. They have walls like this in a bathroom when they’re doing tiling we are they put in a special design. You can design your accent wall by adding a design to it like fake wood that you can stick on the wall or anything that comes to your mind that you want to do with that wall and make it the center of attention.

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I love natural wood. What I would do is outline the frame off the wall with natural wood that is polished to be super shiny and add some picture frames of the ocean on the landscape in the middle of the wall and this will definitely draw the eyes of anyone that enters the room and they will take their eyes off the shape of the wall.

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Final Thoughts:

A slanted wall in your bedroom isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, especially if it is in the attic of the house. The methods above will definitely transform the way that the bedroom looks and will make you feel so much more comfortable if you were the type of person that hates to feel closed in.

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