How To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

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5 Of The Best Ways To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

Living in a tight space like an apartment, loft or basement will have its drawbacks. You have to have smaller furniture and other things like a desk without drawers. Organizing a desk without drawers can be easy if you know what to do.

I have a home office and live in a basement apartment, so I know how it feels to have limited space on your desk without drawers. Let me begin by showing you the best ways to organize your desk easily, don’t have to go out and buy a new desk from Ikea, lowes, or target.


1. Utilize Walls

wall beside desk

Many times our desk or part of it will be facing a wall and we do not take advantage of that wall, especially since we have limited space available to us on our desk. If you are afraid to put holes in the walls because it will stop you from getting your security deposit back, do not worry, they have hocks with strong adhesive tape on them that can stick to almost any surface.

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You can find these adhesive hocks on Amazon for the cheapest price too. If you can put holes in your walls, then you have a huge variety of options to choose from that will enable you to put almost everything on the walls that was taking up space on your desk that doesn’t have any drawers.

2. Get A Keyboard Tray For Your Desk

The most modern desks will come with a keyboard tray that can slide in and out from underneath the desk. But if your desk doesn’t have one, there might be a way for you to add your own keyboard tray to free up at-lease 2 food of space on the top of the desk.

You might be thinking how will you attach it to your desk without putting in new holes or damaging the desk. The product that I will recommend will only clamp onto the front of the desk and all you need to do is twice two nobs to secure it onto your desk. This product works and the like to the product will be below this paragraph.

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3. Use Organization Bins And Trays

Organization bins can play a huge role when organizing things. Just by placing things in dedicated areas like when you organize a shelf or pantry. You will immediately see a big difference in the way your desk looks.

A lot of people think that when you talk about organization bins, you mean something that is big and wide. Because your desk has limited space, you can buy special organization bings that are narrow and stand tall. These bins can even go beside your desk, underneath the desk, and even on top of it. You can place items in these bins and drawers that you do not use very often but they were on top of your work desk. These bins are really affordable and the link to one will be shown below this paragraph.

4. Organize Things By Size On Your Desk

printer on desk

Organizing things by size will actually trick your mind that there is more space than it looks. Just like painting a room white, the entire area will look much bigger. A lot of desks have an attachment to them that allows a little stand to screw into specific areas. This area was made to place your printer on so the printer wouldn’t take up too much space on the work areas of the desk.

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As mentioned above in the previous method, place large items and things you do not use in the organization bins and drawer-like, folders, printer papers, and other things. If you have more than one mouse, keep them in one area, paper, keep in one area. Just place things that match in size together and you will see the difference.


5. Buy Hanging Trays For Your Desk

Just like utilizing the space on your walls, you can use the space around your desk if you have it. These trays will add so much more space to your work area without you going out and buying a new desk.


A lot of desks out there will not come with all the storage and space you need especially if you have a home off. So most of the time will have to get these items I recommend in the end to make your workspace less clustered or you have a cabinet dedicated to keeping things on in your office.

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