How to Keep Sheets On Bed

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How to Keep Sheets On Bed

This has happened to me plenty of times, so I will be speaking from experience. Sheets will fall off your bed for a lot of reasons, and you need to keep the sheets on the bed to stop them from getting dirty.

How to keep your sheets on your bed is way easier than you think, and with a few tricks and tips that I know. Your bed will have the sheets on them all the time.

Bed Ways To Make Your Sheets Stay On Your Bed 

Below are the ways I have personally used to keep sheets on my bed from completely coming off or stopping them from shrinking or dragging on the ground.

1. Buy The Right Size Sheets

This might not come across your mind, but having the wrong size sheets on your bed can make it fall off more easily and look like it is falling off. If you use a king size sheet on a full size bed, it will be dragging on the ground.

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When buying your sheets, make sure to check the size of the sheets. Buying a small sheet for your bed will make the sheet eventually end up rapping up in the middle of the bed because there is not enough sheet hanging off the sides of the bed.

2. Do Not Use Silk Sheets

This has tricked a lot of people before because silk feels so good on the skin. The problem with silk is that it is very slippery when other material touches it. It will make your pillows slide right off the bed without you even applying too much pressure to it. 

When using silk sheets, I only recommend keeping it on as decoration or to make your bed look fancy during the days. If you place any sheet on another silk sheet, it will slide right off within a few minutes or hours if you use the bed.

3. Buy The Right Material Sheets 

As mentioned in the method above, silk and some other material sheets will not work well on your bed because they will fall right off. When buying your sheets, try to buy sheets that are cotton and other materials other than silk. This will save you a lot of time trying to keep your sheets on your bed without worrying that they might fall or slip off your bed easily.

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4. Do Not Wash Sheets In Hot Water

Most sheets are made of cotton or have some sort of cotton material in them to make the more comfortable and softer. This is good, but it comes with a drawback. Cotton shrinks 5% each time it is washed in a high temperature water or dried in the dryer at a very high temperature.

What this does is make the sheet a tiny bit smaller each time you use it after a wash and if you follow the rule of washing your sheets each week. Then that sheet you have will be way smaller than the original size. If this is a fitted sheet, it will no longer fit properly. If it was a normal sheet, you would slowly start to see it come up over the bedsides.

5. Sleep Better On Your Bed

One of the main reasons your sheet might come off your bed is by you sleeping badly on it if the sheets you have are perfectly fine. Sleeping bad on your bed means you keep twisting and turning, which pulls the sheet onto the bed or even to one side of the bed.

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If you sleep badly on your bed at night. Try and sleep on the fitted sheet that is much more secure on the bed and will take a stronger force like you lifting and pulling it to take it off the bed.

6. Add Proper Layer Of Sheets 

When was younger and just started to learn how to make my bed in the more. I used to just use one normal sheet on the bed, I didn’t use any fitted sheets or anything. What this did was ally the sheet to slide right off the bed when I sleep each night because the sheet had nothing to grip onto.

When making your bed, you should at least have three different layers on the bed to make the sheets much more secure. For example, look at how hard it is to actually take a hotel sheet off the bed. They used this same method by applying the proper layers and tucking them to keep them in one place.

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7. Sleep On The Fitted Sheet 

As I mentioned in another method above, sleeping on your fitted sheet will be the best move to make. A fitted sheet was made to stay still on a bed, and it is hard to put on because it is tight and fitted. Sleep on this, and then add back the rest of the layers on the bed when you wake up in the morning.

8. Tuck The Sheet mattress The Bed

When making your bed, tucking your sheets is a very important step. You might think that it might look ugly, but you will have one layer of sheet hanging over to cover the ones that are tucked. When going to bed at night, just remove the untucked layer, and the sheets should stay put when you sleep on them, even if you try to pull it off.

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Final Thoughts:

Sleeping on your bed and waking up to find most of the sheets on the ground will be frustrating. This can be fixed easily with the methods above, so try and of them that suits your scenario and keep your sheets on your bed so you can sleep better and make your sheet less dirty.

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