How Do Hotels Keep Sheets White: 6 Easy Ways

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How Do Hotels Keep Sheets White 

We all have been to an expensive hotel at some point and we admire how white their sheets are. I do wonder how hotels keep their sheets white and I have come up with 6 methods that will keep your sheets as white as they can be without you doing too much work.

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How To Keep Your Sheets White As Hotels Do

Below are 6 methods that I personally use daily or weekly to keep the sheets as white as possible in my house. By following these methods, within two weeks you will see the results if you practice all the methods below.


1. Wash Your Sheets Weekly

This should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of keeping any sheet clean. Washing your sheets weekly is very important to keep them white. Our body naturally will have dirt and dust on it from walking outside. Most time when we get home we just fall into bed.

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If you simply just place the sheets in the laundry basket and leave them for 2 to 3 weeks before you wash them. The dirt on the sheet will stain the fabric even more and make it very hard to come out. So just changing your sheets on a weekly basis isn’t enough, you need to wash them as soon as you can to keep them as white as possible.

All of these methods will show better results if you do them all together to keep your sheets as white as hotels do.


2. Have Multiple Sheets 

I use to think that keeping one set of sheets on my bed for 1 or 2 weeks was a good thing. But if you want your sheets to look as white as some hotel sheets do, then you need to have multiple sheets that you can change at least twice per week.

This as well will make you sleep even better at night because the fresh-smelling sheets will make you feel more comfortable. Sweat, dead skin cells, and other things off our bodies will no longer be in the sheets. I recommend changing white sheets every 3 days to make them clean easier and look whiter.

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3. Change Sheet As Soon As You See Dirt

A lot of time when we see dirt on our sheets even if it is a slight mark we leave it on the bed until we are ready to take the sheets off. If we go into a hotel room and we see a slight dirt mark on the sheet we will call for it to be changed. The staff at the hotel will immediately wash the sheet to get out the stain.

Doing this with your sheets will result in the same way you see hotel sheets looking extra bright white. Because the dirt or stain mark had no time to properly soak into the fibers of the sheet, the stain or dirt mark will wash out easily in the washing machine without even using bleach at all.


4. Having A Clean Room

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Having a clean room is vital to having super white sheets as hotels do. Hotel rooms are clean daily or every other day properly so that guests are comfortable. This also helps to keep things in the room cleaner and prevent dust build-up. If you are the type of person who cleans once every 2 weeks, then the dust in the air will be on your white sheets.

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When that happens and we lay on the bed. We will start to see the sheets looking less white over time because our body bushes down the dust particle in the fiber of the cloth. If you primarily use white sheets in your room, clean your room more often to keep your sheets as white as hotels do. 

I recommend cleaning your room twice per week and your house once per week or a light cleaning every evening.


5. Use Strong Bleach

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Now let us get to the best methods you can use to keep your sheets as white as possible when you wash them. The majority of the time when hotels wash their sheets they use strongly concentrated bleach that comes in large containers. Concentrated bleach is much storing than bleach you buy at the supermarket because it has fewer ingredients in it.

This type of bleach works great but you can use regular bleach like Clorox to wash your sheets. If you still want to use concentrated bleach, you need to be careful because using too much will bleach your white sheets and give them a yellow look.

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When washing your white sheets with bleach, wash no more than 5 sheets at a time. Sheets in the washing machine tend to twist together so the less you have the less twisting happens and the bleach can properly penetrate the stains.


6. Soak Your Sheets

This is an age-old trick that I learned from my grandmother back in the days when they had no washing machine but still manage to have very white sheets. Most expensive modern washing machines have a presoak option where you can select it and it soaks the sheets for you and all you need to do is add bleach.

If your washing machine doesn’t have that feature. What you can do is get a large cleaning container that can hold a lot of sheets and place it in the shower or bathtub. Fill the container with water and pour at least half a cup of bleach into it. Add your sheets and let them soak for 4-6 hours then place them in the washing machine.

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Do not soak the sheets over 6 hours because the water will start to have a musty smell to it and the sheets will smell the same. If you have borax at home you can add some to the water as well.

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Final Thoughts:

Having bright white sheets as hotels do isn’t that hard. You just need to pay attention to see if you have stain marks on the sheets and wash them as often to keep up the white look to them. The best way to keep your sheets white is to clean them every 3 days.

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