How To Get Rid Of Concrete

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How To Get Rid Of Concrete

Doing renovations on your house or your driveway and digging up the concrete will make you have a huge amount of concrete that is both heavy and you do not know what to do with it. Getting rid of concrete isn’t that hard if you think about it. There are a lot of companies out there that recycle concrete, and even places will take it to use it for something else.

Concrete cannot be dumped in any area because it will never break down and can cause harm to the environment because it will be in the places where animals make their habitat. Below will be five effective methods that you can use to get rid of concrete easily without worrying too much, the only part you need to do is probably load the concrete.

1. Call A Landscaping Company 

A few years back I used to do landscaping and landscapers use crushed stones and other things to level out surfaces that are uneven if they are going to put something solid in that area. Crush gravel can be expensive to use all the time so what landscapers do is crush solid concrete and place it in that area.

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They do not always have concrete like that, and this is where you would come in by calling them and telling them that you have a good amount of concrete at your house and if they want to take it for free to use to do something else. Not all of them will take it but somewhere and they will come and get it yourself with their own dumpster. So this is one of the freeways you can get rid of concrete safely.

2. Use A Dumpster 

Dumpsters were made to take anything in it if the dumpster company hasn’t specified what you cannot dump in it. If you’re doing a major renovation at your house it makes sense that you get a large dumpster and dump both the concrete and other debris from your house in the dumpster and allow the dumpster company to handle the rest.

A dumpster can get pricey by the day, but if you have all of the debris put together and have the dumpster for one day, it will be much cheaper than you having the dumpster for a week and slowly filling it up. So get all the debris together and call the dumpster and throw everything in the dumpster and get it out as soon as possible.

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3. Take It To The Dump 

This method is for when you’re doing a small project at home like digging up a walkway or a small driveway and you have a pickup truck or a large enough car that can hold a good amount of weight. Once you have done breaking up the concrete, place something to cover the back of your truck are they back off your car and dump the concrete in the back of it. Make sure you are not overweighing your car or truck.

4. Resue The Concrete 

This may not come to your thoughts, but you can definitely reuse concrete if you are doing a big renovation or if you just want to make a foundation level. For example, recently I had to build a stable area for our garbage bin on the outside because it was on the dirt, but we didn’t want to use so much cement to fill up over 6 inches.

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I had some concrete from another project lying around and what I did was add about 3 inches of that concrete and then pour some cement on it and that prevented me from buying extra cement and save me money as well. So take that for an example and reuse concrete that you have already or ask the person doing the construction if they can reuse the concrete that they just broke up.

5. Call A Recycling Company

The world has become more eco-friendly and more companies are forming to help reuse a lot of things that we couldn’t use used before. Concrete is just sand and stone mix together to form that strong structure, so if you put it in a strong enough machine that can break it apart it will become like dust or close status and have a texture like Sand.

That company can then sell it back to another company that can use that to make cinder blocks or any other solid objects that we used to build homes and other things.

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