How to Get Dried Latex Paint Off Vinyl Floor

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How to Get Dried Latex Paint Off Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is similar to engineered flooring, both are strong but so still can be damaged, especially with latex paint. When paint gets onto a surface, it stains the area permanently if you don’t remove it soon. Even if the paint is dried, you can still get it off by choosing any of the methods below.

Knowing how to get dried latex paint off the vinyl floor in a few hours or minutes is really important because it can save your floors and even your money. So let us get to removing that latex paint from your floor.

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The Methods To Clean And Remove Latex Paint Off Vinyl Floors

Here are some methods that I have personally used to remove paint off vinyl floors. These methods will have you use some strong chemicals, so make sure to wear a proper face mask and gloves.

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How to Get Dried Latex Paint Off Vinyl Floor With Paint Thinner

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Paint thinner is an amazing product that was made to thin out the paint so that it can be sprayed on different surfaces much easier. Paint thinner is really toxic, so you will need to wear a face mask and gloves. Now let us get that latex paint off your floor.

Step 1. Locate all the areas on your floor that has latex paint on it so that you do not forget some spots and ruin your floors. You will need a few microfiber cloths or a roll of paper towel to help wipe up the paint.

Step 2. Take the can of paint thinner and wet the microfiber cloth or some sheets of paper towel with some paint thinner. Lightly blot the area with a cloth or paper towel until you see the paint start to get watery. You can pour a little of the paint on the area, but not a lot because it can ruin your floor.

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Step 3. Once you wet the area enough, use the next microfiber cloth and wet it again and continue to wipe the spots until the paint is gone. You will need to give it a few wipes, so be prepared for that.


How to Get Dried Latex Paint Off Vinyl Floor Nail Polish Remover 

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Nail polish remover is similar to using paint thinner but is much less toxic or strong. To use the nail polish remover, you will need to scrape some of the paint off that is in large chunks. You can pour a little of the nail polish remover on the paint to help soften it.

Step 1. Once you have scraped some of the paint off with a razor blade or painter’s razor blade at a 45-degree angle, pour some more of the nail polish remover on the area and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe off the paint with a cloth or paper towel.

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Scraping The Paint Off Floor With Razor Blade / Painter Blade

Scraping the paint off your vinyl flooring is one of the first methods that should come to your mind. But you should only use this method if the area where the latex paint got on your floor is small. You will need to hold the blade at a 45° angle so that it can slide right underneath the paint without scraping your floor or damaging it permanently.

Only use this method if the area is less than 3 inches small. A painter’s razor blade would be the best method because it has a handle that makes it safer to use.

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Final Thoughts:

Getting latex paint off your vinyl floor as soon as it gets on it is the best way to save your floor from getting ruined. If you allow the pain to dry up, you will have to use one of the methods above, which includes using some strong chemicals because paint only can be removed with strong chemicals. Just choose one of the methods that suit you best and follow the instructions carefully, and your vinyl floor should be paint free.

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