Murphy’s Oil Soap Alternative Uses

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Murphy’s Oil Soap Uses

What does Murphy’s oil soap do? This product is amazing and very versatile. You can use it to partially disinfect areas in your house, clean your laminate floors, furniture, cabinets, leather, and hardwood floors. It is more than just an oil soap to clean floors or clean leather. 

I try to make use of everything I have in my house and use them for more than one task to see if they work. And boy do Murphy’s oil soap does that amazingly. Mix vinegar and murphy’s oil soap together to form a powerful cleaning solution to work on all most any surface.


What is Murphy’s oil soap made of?

Here are the ingredients of Murphy’s oil soap – Formulated with water, coconut, and plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients.


How To Use Murphy’s Oil Soap

1. Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap

wooden kitchen cabinets

You might be asking yourself this question. Is murphy’s oil soap good for kitchen cabinets, the answer is yes. Using murphy’s oil soap on finished wood will help to bring back the shine in them if it had it before. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets or cabinets, in general, can be really challenging if you do not know what you are doing.

 Murphy’s oil soap can clean both natural wooden cabinets and unnatural wooden cabinets. The oil in the soap soaks into the cabinets and removes any grease or fingerprint marks.

How To Use Murphy’s Oil Soap On Cabinets 


  1. I mix 1/4 cup of Murphy’s oil soap with one gallon of warm water and use a sponge and clean the cabinets down. Afterward, you can use a microfiber cloth and polish them down and check for any streaks.
  2. You can also pour 1/8 cup in a small 32 oz bottle and make a Murphy’s oil soap spray that can make cleaning other areas super easy by just spraying it on the surface. For example, cleaning leather. It could be your sofa or car leather seat. More on cleaning leather further down in the article because this is the best leather cleaner. 
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2. How To Clean Wood Banisters With Murphy’s Oil Soap 

Murphy's oil soap cleaning a banister

Most people forget about their banisters when they are cleaning the house and over time this will cause them to have a dull look to them. As I said above, Murphy’s oil soap is great at cleaning natural and unnaturally wooden surfaces. 

Your wooden banisters might have a rougher look and texture to them, but Murphy’s oil soap will still do the job. The lighter the wooden surface is, the shinier the finished job will look.

You might be wondering how to clean the banister with Murphy’s oil soap. You can use the same cleaning method above that I use to clean the cabinets with the soap or make a Murphy’s oil soap spray bottle. This cleaning process will also disinfect the banisters and give them a polished look.


3. How To Use Murphy’s Oil Soap On Furniture

Use Murphy’s oil soap on wood furniture at your home that looks old and may need to be thrown away, but you can restore it and actually sell it to someone who collects them or just like them or even keep them yourself after you see how good Murphy’s oil soap will make them look, shiny and polished. It can be used on brand new wood furniture too, to clean them.

Many of these uses for Murphy’s oil soap can be cleaned with the same cleaning process above or follow listing 7 topic unless I give you a next cleaning method. Just be careful with the texture of the sponge you use on the older furniture because if the texture is too hard It can damage the old product


4. Clean Your Car Wheels And Tire

This oil soap is amazing at removing dirt and grease. Your car has on the most dirt, from brake dust that makes your car rims look horrible. You can spend hours washing your rims and they won’t come out looking ok like the way you imagined.

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Get a container and add enough water and add 1 cup of oil soap to it. Use a sponge to wash the rims off with the oil soap. You can give each rim a pre-wash and by the time you reach the next rim, the dirt and oils will be easy to remove.

5. Clean Leather Couch And Car Interior


Cleaning car interior with murphy's oil soap

Water alone cannot clean your car interior leather or the leather jacket, couch, sofa, and more. You can also use the oil soap to clean the car interior as well, especially the dashboard that gets hit by the sun hard. It needs something to remove dust from the dashboard and other places that your hand may come in contact with.

If it is leather, the area will look the darkest. That’s because leather absorbs oil, it is a natural material so it will need to be cleaned. One of the biggest reasons why Murphy’s oil soap is good for leather is because of the oil in the soap. The leather needs this oil in it to not cause cracks all over it. As I said above leather is a natural material and absorbs things.

They sell products out there to clean them like leather conditioners and leather milk. But they are really expensive compared to how cheap and useful murals oil soap is. If you have Murphy’s oil soap at home you can use it to do the cleaning off all the leather in your house or in your car from now on.


6. How To Clean Leather With Murphy’s Oil Soap

 The first thing you need to do is wipe any dirt off the leather surface with a  microfibre cloth to remove any dirt. Use Murphy’s oil soap spray I showed you how to make above or listing {7}. Spray the oil soap on the leather surface and wipe it in a circular motion until you see the dirt coming out.  You can use this method to clean your leather couch as well. Repeat this process if need and when you are done just give the leather surface a last wipe with a clean cloth.

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7. Murphy’s Oil Soap All-purpose Cleaner 

Mixing Murphy’s oil soap with water in a spray bottle makes one of the best all-purpose cleaners. You can add rubbing alcohol to the mixture as well to prevent streaks and avoid using a microfiber cloth to get out the streaks after they are done. The rubbing alcohol part is totally up to you. This little oil soap spray works great when cleaning your baseboards as well.

Steps to make it:

  1. Mix half cup murphy’s oil soap in a large spray bottle.
  2. Add rubbing alcohol. You can add as much as you like.
  3. Add water until the bottle is full. Shake and use to your liking.


8. Cleaning Stainless Steel Furnitures

clean Kitchen sink

You can also wipe down the stainless steel furniture in your house with this oil soap as well. It will give them a nice little sheen afterward, because of the oil content in the soap. To make them look even better use a microfiber cloth to shine the appliances off and have that mirror look for days to come.


9. Clean Door And Hinges With With Murphy’s Oil Spray

murphy's oil soap cleaning door

You can mix some Murphy’s oil soap with some water and wash off your doors on the outside. Dirt and all different types of stuff will be on them. You might be saying the screen door protects it, and it does but things do get by it. You can also wash off the hinges as well and if the door was squeaky, the soap will stop that too.


10. Clean Laminate Floors With Murphy’s Oil Soap

Whether it is natural hardwood floors or engineered laminate wood floors, Murphy’s oil soap can do the job of restoring the brand new look of them. This oil soap can also hide scratch marks, but it won’t fix them. Use this soap to give the floors a small amount of shine on them to replicate real hardwood floors. 

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11. Clean Hardwood Floors

cleaning hardwood floor

How To  Use Murphy’s Oil Soap On Wood Floors

The first thing you need to do is get everything off the wooden floor or laminate floor. Remove all the dust as much as you can because if dust is left on the surface, you will see it after Murphy’s soap drys on it.

Now that you vacuum the floors, use a mop that is very clean with 2 gallons of water and 1 and a half cups of Murphy’s oil soap. Wipe the floors down with the mop and leave it to dry. Make sure you squeeze out the mop first before you wipe the floor down and leave it to let it dry.


12. Homemade Murhpy’s Oil Soap Wipes

The majority of the ingredients in Murphy’s oil soap is none toxic. This is the best product to use to make your own homemade cleaning wipes. The things needed are pretty simple to get and you might even have them at home. Use can use this wipe to clean your leather couch, laminate floors if something was spilled on it, and plastic surfaces. Do not forget as well to use them in your car.

Step To Make Cleaning Wipes:

  1. Add half cups of rubbing alcohol to a small bowl.
  2. Add half a cup of murphy’s oil soap to the mixture.

Add water to the bowl until it is full. Mix well, then soak the cloth in the bowl with murphy’s oil soap. You can add a little baking soda to the mix to help the cleaning process.

Things needed: 

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Murphy’s oil soap
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Bowl


13. Clean And Remove Stains From Carpets

Carpets are in every section of our house, we cannot avoid getting them dirty or leaving a stain on them. This is where this oil soap comes in hand. You can make your own oil spray or just pour the raw oil soap on the stain, on the carpet. The soap will slowly break down food stains, urine stains or any stain that it has to work on. The only thing you will need is a scrub brush to brush out the stain on your carpet with the soap.

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Steps To Remove Stain With Murphy’s Oil Soap:

  1. Pour raw soap on the stain or mix it with water in a bucket.
  2. Use the scrub brush or toothbrush to remove the mark. You can let the soap sit for 10 minutes first before you begin.


14. Remove Stain From Clothes

We will eventually stain one of our favorite clothes that we can’t really afford to buy again or it was just a gift you love. Using murphy’s oil soap on it will get out the stain without bleaching the fabric or discoloring it. All you need to do is leave the clothes in a bucket overnight to soak with some murphy’s oil soap in it.


15. Bathroom Cleaner For Your Shower

This soap might feel oily, but it can remove both oil and odors easily from your bathroom. The oil might be on your shower floor that came off your body that will eventually leave odors. You can use this oil soap on the floor while you shower and it will break down and remove any grease or odor that might be around without you doing any hard work.


16. Cleaning Plastic Surfaces

Most cleaning products will leave streaks and watermarks on plastic surfaces and glass. This soap somehow cleans them without leaving any of that. You might be wondering how to use murphy’s oil soap to do that, just make your own homemade cleaning spray or cleaning wipes as I instructed in the {7th} listing.


17. Clean Metal And Polish It

Most metal and stainless surfaces will have fingerprints on them as long as our hands touch them just for a second. There is a lot of cleaning products out there that you can buy to clean that off. If you have a bottle of murphy’s oil soap at home you can use it to remove rust, fingerprint marks, or any stains off them easily. I even use it to clean my tools, I leave them in a bucket of water with some of this soap in it to remove any rust.

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18. Clean Paint Brush To Reuse It

Paintbrushes were made for one-time uses if you do not buy a special chemical from the manufacture to clean and reuse the paintbrush. That can add up a lot at the checkout counter if you have to buy 3 paintbrushes to do the job when you could have just bought one and done it. 

The chemicals in the soap will break down the paint if you wash it out as soon as you are done using it. You can also leave it in a bucket of water mixed with murphy’s oil soap to clean the paintbrush if the paint has dried up already.


19. Clean Permanent Marker Marks Of Anything

A kid will try to draw on any wall they see that doesn’t have a drawing of theirs already. This can be a very hard task to clean that permanent marker or crayon mark off the wall. The easiest way to clean them off is by using some of this soap to wash off the marks without removing the finish off the walls.

 If the marks are even on your banisters, you can clean them off with this soap. Some people even nickname murphy’s oil soap as the oil wood soap, so you know it works great on wood surfaces too.


20. Clean Jewelry And Restore Them

My aunt loves her jewelry, but she hates cleaning them and always gets them to tangle badly. You can untangle them by pouring the raw soap on the jewelry in a small container and leaving it for a few hours. This will also remove any rust, dirt grease, and any debris that will be on the jewelry. The oil from the soap also will make each hinge on the chains move freely, so your chains will stop feeling stiff around your neck.

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21. Use To Refill Swiffer Wet Jet

Just as you use regular soap. This soap can be used to refill your Swiffer wet jet if you do it the right way. Murphy’s oil soap is thicker than the regular dish soap that you use in the kitchen. I would recommend you add a small amount of water to the soap before you pour it into your Swiffer wet jet soap dispenser. 

The reason for this precaution is to not pressure the soap dispenser by sucking up a thick density soap into the small tubes that were made for regular dish soaps. When you do this, you can use the Swiffer wet jet to clean your laminate floors easier without using a mop and bucket with soap in it.


22. Insect Repellent 

Insects will crawl through your windows to hide from the cold or the heat. It could be a spider or an ant, Murphy’s oil soap can repel the insects from coming in. Using murphy’s oil soap as a repellent is a great and nontoxic way that will not harm the insects or anyone in the house if they come in contact with. 

The way I do this is by rubbing the raw oil soap on my window sills, door jams, or anywhere I see those small insects coming in to take over your house and make you have to call an exterminator.


Murphy’s oil soap before and after use.

 The images below show how good murphy’s oil soap can clean and transform a dull-looking hardwood floor to make it look like a mirror.


dull looking hardwood floor

Clean floor with murphy's oil soap


Is murphy’s oil soap toxic?

Murphy’s oil soap is not a toxic soap and not like some other cleaning products that you buy at the supermarket that contains bleach. That doesn’t mean it is safe to consume, it does mean you can use it on surfaces that are close to human contact without working that it will harm you or damage something.

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Is Murphy’s oil soap a disinfectant?

Murphy’s oil soap is not a full disinfectant that kills all bacterias on a surface. You can use it to clean basic areas to remove odors, grease, stain, and other things. You wouldn’t use it to clean your toilet to kill bacteria, you would use it to remove the odors or stains. Using regular cleaning products that have the right ingredients that will do a better job. Once you use that cleaning product and it dries, you can use mushy’s oil soap to remove that toxic odor.

Can you use murphy’s oil soap on laminate floor?

Yes, it can clean laminate floors. It will also help to give the floor a proper shine when you are done cleaning the floors.


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Where You Can Get Murphy’s Oil Soap To Buy

 Walmart, AmazonMurphy’s Oil Soap Website, Or Your Local Supermarket 

You will get a better deal buying this soap off amazon or Walmart because they sell it in bulk for cheaper.

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