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What is Murphy’s oil soap? This product is amazing and very versatile. You can use it to disinfect areas in your house, clean your floors, laminate, furniture, cabinets, leather, and your hardwood floors. It is more than just a soap to clean floors. 

I try to make use of everything I have in my house and use them for more than one task to see if they work. And boy do Murphy’s oil soap does that amazinly.

What is Murphy’s oil soap made of ( The Ingredients )

Here are the ingredients of Murphy’s oil soap – Formulated with water, coconut, and plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients.

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Here are some uses for Murphy’s oil soap that you need to know


1. Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets With Murphy’s Oil Soap

wooden kitchen cabinets

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets or cabinets, in general, can be really challenging if you do not know what you are doing. Murphy’s oil soap can clean both natural wooden cabinets and unnatural wooden cabinets. The oil in the soap soaks into the cabinets and removes any grease or fingerprint marks.

Here is how to use Murphy’s oil soap on the cabinets 

I mix 1/4 cup of Murphy’s oil soap with one gallon of warm water and use a sponge and clean the cabinets down. Afterward, you can use a cloth and polish them down and check for any streaks.

You can also pour 1/8 cup in a small 32 oz bottle and make a Murphy’s oil soap spray that can make cleaning other areas super easy by just spraying it on the surface. For example, cleaning leather. It could be your sofa or car leather seat. More on cleaning leather further down in the article because this is the best leather cleaner. This website talks more about the kitchen which you might like.

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2. Clean Your Banisters With Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy's oil soap cleaning a banister

Most people forget about their banisters when they are cleaning the house and over time this will cause them to have a dull look to them. As I said above, Murphy’s oil soap is great at cleaning natural and unnaturally wooden surfaces. 

Your wooden banisters might have a rougher look and texture to them but Murphy’s oil soap will still do the job. The lighter the wooden surface is, the shinier the finished job will look.

You might be wondering how to clean the banister with Murphy’s oil soap. You can use the same cleaning method above that I use to clean the cabinets with the soap or make a Murphy’s oil soap spray bottle. This cleaning process will also disinfect the banisters and give them a polished look.


3. Clean And Polish Antique Furniture

You may have some antique furniture at your home that looks old and needs to be thrown away but you can actually sell it to someone who collects them or just like them or even keep them yourself after you see how good Murphy’s oil soap will make them look, shiny and polished.

Many of these uses for Murphy’s oil soap can be cleaned with the same cleaning process above unless I give you a next cleaning method. Just be careful with the texture of the sponge you use on the older furniture because if the texture is too hard It can damage the old product.

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4. Wash Your Car Rims Off

This oil soap is amazing at removing dirt and grease. Your car has on the most dirt, from brake dust that makes your car rims look horrible. You can spend hours washing your rims and they won’t come out looking ok like the way you imagined.

Get a container and add enough water and add 1 cup of oil soap to it. Use a sponge to wash the rims off with the oil soap. You can give each rim a pre-wash and by the time you reach the next rim, the dirt and oils will be easy to remove.

Where You Can Get Murphy’s Oil Soap To Buy

 Walmart, Amazon, Murphy’s Oil Soap Website, Or Your Local Supermarket 

You will get a better deal buying this soap off amazon or Walmart because they sell it in bulk for cheaper.

5. Clean Leather With Murphy’s Oil Soap

Car leather interior

 Water alone can’t clean your car interior leather or the leather jacket, couch, sofa, and more. You can also use the oil soap to clean the car interior as well, especially the dashboard that gets hit by the sun hard. It needs something to remove dust from the dashboard and other places that your hand may come in contact with.

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If it’s leather the area will look the darkest. That’s because leather absorbs oil, it is a natural material so it will need to be cleaned. One of the biggest reasons why Murphy’s oil soap is good for leather is because of the oil in the soap. The leather needs this oil in it to not cause cracks all over it. As I said above leather is a natural material and absorbs things.

They sell products out there to clean them like leather conditioners and leather milk. But they are really expensive compared to how cheap and useful murals oil soap is. If you have Murphy’s oil soap at home you can use it to do the cleaning of all the leather in your house or in your car from now on.

 How To Clean Leather With Murphy’s Oil Soap

 The first thing you need to do is wipe any dirt off the leather surface with a cloth to remove any dirt. Use the Murphy’s oil soap spray bottle I showed you how to make in the 7th paragraph. 

Spray the oil soap on the leather surface and wipe it in a circular motion until you see the dirt coming out. Repeat this process if need and when you are done just give the leather surface a last wipe with a clean cloth.

6. Make An All-purpose Cleaner 

Mixing Murphy’s oil soap with water in a spray bottle makes one of the best all-purpose cleaners. You can add rubbing alcohol to the mixture as well to prevent streaks and avoid using a microfiber cloth to get out the streaks after they are done. The rubbing alcohol part is totally up to you. This little oil soap spray works great when cleaning your baseboards as well.

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7. Clean Stainless Steel Furnitures With Murphy’s Oil Soap

Cleaning stainless steel with Murphy's oil

You can also wipe down the stainless steel furniture in your house with this oil soap as well. It will give them a nice little sheen afterward, because of the oil content in the soap.

To make them look even better use a microfiber cloth to shine the appliances off and have that mirror look for days to come.


8. Clean Your Door And Hinges With The Oil In The Soap

murphy's oil soap cleaning door

You can mix some Murphy’s oil soap with some water and wash off your doors on the outside. Dirt and all different types of stuff will be on them. You might be saying the screen door protects it, and it does but things do get by it. You can also wash that off as well and if the door was squeaky the soap will stop that too.

9. Clean Laminate Floors With Murphy’s Oil Soap

Cleaning hardwood floor with oil soap

Whether it is natural hardwood floors or engineered laminate wood floors, Murphy’s oil soap can do the job of restoring the brand new look of them. This oil soap can also hide scratch marks, but it won’t fix them. 

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

The first thing you need to do is get everything off the wooden floor. Remove all the dust as much as you can because if dust is left on the surface, you will see it after the Murphy’s soap drys on it.

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Now that you vacuum the floors, use a mop that is very clean with 2 gallons of water and 1 and a half cups of Murphy’s oil soap. Wipe the floors down with the mop and leave it to dry. Make sure you squeeze out the mop first before you wipe the floor down and leave it to let it dry.

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What Is The Cost Of Murphy’s Oil Soap

On Amazon, you can get them in different sizes with prices ranging from ( 11$ , 12$, 17$ for the largest bottle which is 128 oz ) Amazon has them the cheapest.

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