How To Make Food Last Longer And Save Money

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Placing food in the fridge as soon as you buy it is not such a good idea.


Some food has to go in the refrigerator, but others don’t, putting them in the refrigerator will spoil them faster and make their flavor slowly go way.


There special methods to store them and a special place to put them. I will show you some tips and tricks to make the basic things you buy from the supermarket last longer and save you money each week because you won’t have to keep rebuying them.


Onions And Potatoes 



When you buy onions and potatoes, if your not careful, they will go bad in a couple of days just before you remember to use them.


They need to be stored in an area that’s cool and dry. Having a high airflow on them will make it evening better.


Do not mix them together, get a basket that’s designed for fruits, and place them in, and do not place them in the fridge.

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Refrigerator Temperature 



There is a sweet spot that your refrigerator should be at to prevent bacteria from forming and to have your foods fresh and not frozen.


Below 32 degrees is freezing, and things in the refrigerator will start to freeze, and we all know when something freezes, it expands 9%.


Food will start to build ice, especially if you have a soda in there, or drinks in bottles will be frozen and burst.


Temperatures over 40 will start to have bacteria buildup and multiply. The best temperature is 35 degrees, and the highest it should go to is 38 degrees.


Keep Fruits Away From Others



If you have bananas that you just bought at the supermarket, it can become what you have at home in no time.


It will be ripe because of the other bananas, so do not place the fresh bananas with the old ones, this will push the fresh bananas to ripe faster as well with other fruits.

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If You Want To Make Bananas Ripe Faster



If one day, you wake up and feel the need to make a banana bread but the bananas aren’t ripe enough to give you the perfect texture for baking.


Here is a trick, get a box that you have, it can either be a box you get your packages in. Place the bananas inside the box and close it.


In two days’ time, you will see how ripe the bananas get.








Moisture will make your lettuce look old and won’t give you that crunchy feeling when you are having your burger or sandwich.


Wrap the lettuce in a paper towel and place it inside a ziplock bag and place it inside your refrigerator. Repeat this process each time you use the lettuce. 



Green Onions


They get soggy as soon as you place them in the refrigerator and will make you go buy fresh onions again because you want them to be crunchy and nice to let out the juices when cooking it to get the flavor.

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The same way when you pick flowers or get a bouquet of flowers, you place them in water. This works the same as flowers, just make sure the roots are covered with water.




 Wrap your cheese in plastic wrap to make it last longer because if air keeps getting on the cheese, it will go bad in no time.


Store Food In Right Section Of The Refrigerator


Modern refrigerators now are building-specific sections to place food. You might see three different draws at the bottom of the fridge and place anything in them, but not every part of the fridge should store certain food.


. For example, food that’s cooked already and will be reused should be stored in the top or middle shelf.


Leftover food should be eaten within three days and placed in the fridge within two hows after its cooked to prevent bacteria from growing.

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Keep Your Bananas Longer



Most of us don’t know this trick, but there is an amazing way to make your bananas last really long. The stem of the banana is the reason why they are ripping so fast as well. You can wrap the stem of the banana with plastic wrap or foil paper to make them last longer.


Lettuce In Jar



Another way to make your lettuce last for weeks is by putting it in a jar. If you just use it to make salads, then you can break it down and put it in a large enough jar. Make sure to cover it properly and put it in the refrigerator.



If you’re going to use the lettuce to put on sandwiches and you want big junks of it, then you can take off a large portion of each leaf and place it in a pirates dish with a cover and put it in the refrigerator.

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