Car Smell Hacks And Tips

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If you love your car, then these hacks are for you, you might not be a petrolhead, but you can use these hacks to have a better experience.


A lot of us work hard to get the car we want, it might not be our dream car, but we still need to take care of it in the best way we can.


You are inside the car all the time, so keeping inside fresh and clean is a must to have the best experience you can get.


These tips and tricks can be done by anyone and will improve the look of your car so much.


Removing Cigarette Smell



If you lend someone your car and they smoke in it that can be terrible, or you’re just going to sell your car and want to get most of that cigarette odor out.

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You can use baking soda to absorb the cigarette odor. Just leave it somewhere in your car where it won’t spill, and it will slowly absorb the odor over time.

Muffin Cup Liner


We all use the cup holders in our car, sometimes we use it for miscellaneous items and that will definitely get them messy. Cleaning the cup holders can be a nightmare if you do not have a vacuum to clean it.


A trick that I use is to place a muffin cup liner in the cupholders, they will still get dirty, but cleaning them will be so easy. All you need to do is take out the muffin liner and replace it with a new one, it is that simple and easy.

Open Your Windows More Often


During winter or some of the time it is really hot or cold you will leave your car windows up most of the time.

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This can cause your car to have a stale odor to it, which is often not good to breathe in.


Whenever your driving, you can just slightly crack the windows down to make fresh air circulate in the car, and I guarantee that you will feel the difference.


Essential Oil


If your car has cloth seats, you can make your own little car air freshener. Mix some water in a small bottle with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.


You can spray it on your car seats to give them this amazing smell each time you move around on them.


Treat The Leather In Your Car



Most people don’t know that leather will get dry over time and start to crack and loses its beauty. When you park your car, the sun dries it out day by day.


You can stop this and restore your leather to its glory by purchasing leather milk; this will provide the necessary oils and stuff that the leather needs.

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You can do this once a month, and your leather will look amazing. I promise you. Most of the leather milk brands send a cloth to use with the product as well.


Foam Paint Brush


You may not realize, but your car vents will have dust inside them. If you have seasonal allergies, this can be awful for you.


What you need to do is get a foam paint brush and clean it out; this will pick up whatever dust that is baked on the inside.


You can now use a vacuum and suck the rest out.


Cleaning  Your dashboard


If the top of your dashboard in your car is made of this fake material that looks like texture leather and can be soft or hard depends on your car, you will need need to give it a little moisture to make it look better.

Use a few drops of olive oil on a wet rag and wipe the dashboard down. This will give the dashboard moisture to make it look better after your done.

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Removing Pet Hair


Pet hair can be really hard to remove; You may not have the time and eventually just leave them, which will make your car look awful.


Put some water in a spray bottle and spray it on the seat. Use a squeegee to get the hair off the seat or using a brush to do so because the hair is wet. The squeegee will work like your cleaning a window.

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Make Your Car Smell Amazing


One of the best ways to make your car smell spectacularly is by using a vanilla-scented swirl.


These things are amazing, yes the same scented swirls you use in your bathroom. It works better than car air fresheners out there and will last longer.


Each time you get in your car, you will feel so good by how it smells, I have had people many people ask me what I use in my car even if there not inside.


But when you open the door, the people around the car will smell it.

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