How To Clean High Ceilings In The Easiest Way Possible 

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How To Clean High Ceilings

Every single house has a ceiling in it, whether it is a high ceiling or a low ceiling, they will get dirty eventually. Learning how to clean high ceilings can save you some money by not making you call a cleaning service. Climbing up high on a step stool or ladder is a risk it set that you shouldn’t be taking in the first place.

high ceiling with lamp

This article will show you how to clean both high ceilings and low ceilings in the best way possible. I will show you the best homemade cleaning methods and the best tools you can use to make cleaning your ceiling a breeze. If you have a popcorn ceiling, I will also show you the best homemade method to clean them and remove dust from the crevices. Let us get to clean your high ceilings.


What You Need To Start Cleaning High Ceilings

There are numerous products out there that you can buy to clean your high ceilings, but this product that I’m going to recommend will change the way you clean your ceilings entirely. It has a 12-foot extension pole, 3 duster attachments, 1 window squeegee and washer, cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and a ceiling fan duster and cleaner.

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This product is a one-time buy that can do 5 different jobs just for 64$ dollars on amazon. It is well built and you can even pop for the 24 or 30-foot pole extender if you do not want the 12-foot extender. Now let us get to how you would use it to clean high ceilings. Remember to always wear a gloves and mask when cleaning.


  1. The Docapole Cleaning Kit has a microfiber feather duster attachment which will not rub the paint off your ceiling if you apply too much pressure to it.
  2. Attach the cobweb duster attachment first and get rid of all the cobwebs you see because you do not want to spread them over the entire ceiling.
  3. Attach the microfiber duster now and spray some cleaning solution on it. You can use bleach, to help with stains, rubbing alcohol if you do not want to use bleach, or make your own homemade cleaning product using white distilled vinegar In a 2:1 ration with water. You can add a little dawn dish soap to help the cleaning process.
  4. Extend the pole to the required height and lock it in securely, so when you apply pressure it doesn’t slip. Ensure that the microfiber material is wet enough to wash the ceiling.
  5. Start by working your way from the corners In a horizontal opt vertical motion, Every few wipes you take back the mop down and add more cleaning so lotion to the microfiber.
  6. When you are done you can wash the microfiber cloth attachment and recipe the ceiling event if the microfibre is still wet.
  7. Now leave the ceiling to dry and look at how withe they will look.
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How To Clean Ceilings In General 

cleaning a regular ceiling with a mop

Cleaning regular ceilings are not that complicated and require a special tool to clean them. Since the ceiling is on a regular heigh, you can spray the cling solution on the stain, dirt mark, or cobwebs directly and get them out. You can use a Swiffer wet jet to clean these low ceilings if you want or I will show you how to clean your ceiling with a homemade cleaning tool that you can use on your baseboards as well.

Homemade Cleaning Tool To Clean Ceilings:

Things Need:


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Elastic Bands

Cleaning Solution


Steps: To Make The Tool

Lay a Large Enough broom flat on the ground where you have enough room can mender it in different directions.

Lay a microfiber cleaning cloth flap and rest the end of the broom in the center go it.

Fold one need of the microfiber cleaning cloth over the broom and lift it upright.

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You can ask someone to hold it to put on the rubber bands or you can place the broom pool between your legs and put two rubber bands to secure the microfiber cloth to the broom and you are done.

Cleaning Your Ceiling With The Tool:

microfiber cleaning tool

  1. Spray your ceiling with the cleaning solution you make or use one that you have already.
  2. Use the cleaning tool to start cleaning your ceilings.
  3. Go in an up and down motion and remove every stain.


Cleaning Your Ceiling With A Mop Or Swiffer Wet Jet:

Cleaning your ceiling with a mop is the easiest way to go or you can use a Swiffer wet jet and clean it. The suffer wet jet might be a little heavy but it will get the job done eventually. You can also use a regular cleaning too that you use to clean your walls to clean the ceiling as well.

You can follow the instructions above to clean the ceiling with the tool you have. All you need to do is spray the ceiling with the cleaning solution and wipe it down. If it has cobwebs on it, get those off first then clean it.

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How To Clean Popcorn Ceilings Or Textured Ceilings

how to clean popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings or textured ceilings look so lovely in our house, but they trap dust so easily and are really hard to clean when you try to clean them. Cleaning them with a regular cleaning tool will not work at all, it will either destroy your mop or break off the pattern oil the ceiling. The easiest way that I came up with to clean them is to use a broom that is stiff enough to clean the popcorn ceiling without removing any of the points.

The broom will go much faster rather than using a regular scrub brush that might hurt your back because of the constant bending of your neck. So lest show you the best way to clean those popcorn ceilings.


  1. Remove any cobwebs that might be on the ceiling first.
  2. Spray the ceiling down with the cleaning solution you have or just made with vinegar and dawn dish soap.
  3. Place the broom at an upward angle and brush the cling with it. This is the easiest way to clean those ceilings because the broom gets in between the groves easily.
  4. You can wash off the broom and give it the next brush and then you are done. Your ceilings should look much better now.
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Best Tools To Clean A Ceiling 

This is a list of the best tools you can use to clean your ceilings with, whether it is high or low these tools will help to make the cleaning process a lot easier on your back and shoulders. Some of these tools can even be used to clean your walls as well.

  1. Swiffer Wet Jet
  2. Docapole Cleaning Kit
  3. Mr. Siga Profesional microfiber Mop
  4. Chomp Long Handle Dust Mop
  5. Broom

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