How to Take Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing

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How to Take Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing

Not all the time you can wash a piece of clothing, and you will need to get it smelling good. If your clothing doesn’t have any stains on it the methods, I will show you will get any smell out of it. Making your clothes smell good without washing it is really easy to do because I have done it a few times in an emergency

Quick Answer Method:

Take A spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oils, and then add water to the bottle. Spray the clothes with it, and the odors will be gone, or place the clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with some dryer sheets.

The Methods To Take The Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing

Below is 8 methods that I have personally used to take the smell out of my clothes without washing them. These methods will not take any stains out of your clothes, only the smell if it has one without you washing it.

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1. How to Take Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing By Putting It In The Dryer

placing clothes in dryer to be dried

In this method, you will be using the heat of a dryer to remove any smell from your clothes. When too much heat is applied to things with an odor, especially clothes, it can take any smell it has out of it. If it is more than one piece of clothing, I would recommend putting no more than 20 into the dryer.

When putting the clothes into the dryer, set the dryer to its hottest setting for 1 hour. Once the time is up, take the clothes out, smell it and if it smells good, you can wear it instantly, or if it still has a little smell to it you can put it back in the dryer for the next half hour.


2. Put It Outside To Get Breeze Out And Sunlight

Growing up as a kid, I used to see my mother put the baby mattress outside to get sunlight and the cool breeze when the mattress had peed on it. I always wonder why she did it, but I have come to realize that the sun is one of the best natural odor removers that you can find.

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When placing the clothes in the sun, you can hang them on a line or place them on a surface. If you place them on a surface outside, make sure to put something heavy on them so that they do not blow away. Leave them in the sun for 1 hour or so, and this should take the smell out of the clothes without washing them. Be careful with how long you leave the clothes in the sun because the sun can bleach them.


3. Steam Clean Your Clothes To Remove Smell Without Washing It

Steam cleaning your clothes is another great option, but with this option, you will need a steam cleaner if you do not have a steam cleaner but have an iron and ironing board. Place the clothes on the ironing board and set the iron on medium heat setting with the steam function on max setting.

Slowly run the iron over the clothes and press the steam function button on the iron every two seconds, and this will remove some or the majority of the smell from a cloth. If the smell is coming from the armpit, just focus on that area, and it will get rid of the smell.

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4. Place Them In The Refrigerator For A Few Minutes

This method might sound weird, but cold temperatures do eliminate bad odors. That is why when the time is cold, you cannot smell animals outside that have passed away. You can fold the piece of fabric and place it into a large ziplock bag and place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Use this method if it is only one piece of clothing you have to remove the odor out of.


5. Use Dryer Sheets

When flooding your clothes in your dresser or closet, you can place a few dryer sheets on the inside to prevent them from smelling any funny types of way. If you realize that your clothes have a musty smell to it you can take a few sheets of dryer sheets and rub them all over it to remove both the smell and leave the sweet smell of the dryer sheets. Do this for a few minutes, and your clothes will smell fantastic,

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6. Spray Perfume On The Clothes To Remove Odor

This method is only recommended if your clothes have a slight odor to it that you alone can smell. Spray cologne on something that smells too much will make it smell worse when the cologne wears off. Just give the clothes a few sprays, and you should be good to go.


7. Rub Baking Soda On Areas That Smell

This method should be used mostly on areas on your clothes that have an odor coming from it. For example, if the armpits of your clothes still have an odor to it you can rub some baking soda on that area and leave it for an hour or so, and the baking soda should absorb the smell of it. You can also sprinkle it all over the clothe and fold it to have it absorb even more scents.


8. Use Fabreeze To Remove Smell Clothes

Fabreeze is well known for making anything that it goes on smelling amazing within seconds. This work the same for your clothes that has an odor to it. All you need to do is spray a generous amount of the fabreeze on the clothes and give it a few minutes, and it should smell totally different when you put it on.

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How To Prevent Your Clothes From Smelling Musty:

Preventing your clothes from smelling musty in the first place is the best method you can take. There are a few reasons why your clothes will smell musty, and I will list them along with the solo it below.

Taking Your Clothes Out of The Dryer Too Soon –

This has happened to me a few time where the clothes feel like they are fully dried but still has some moisture in them, and I put them away. Eventually, after a few hours, they will start to smell, and after a few days, mildew and mold will start to form. Always double-check to make sure your clothes are dried probably.

Putting Too Much In The Drawers –

Overbaking your drawers is the next reason why your clothes might be smelling musty. This is because the clothes have no room for air to flow through them. Do not compact the clothes in the drawers when you fold them.

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Having Too Much Moisture In Room –

Having too much moisture in a room can cause mildew and mold to form, which will make your clothes smell awful. If you realize your room keeps having a musty smell, place a dehumidifier in it and see how it will smell better within hours.

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Final Thoughts:

When it comes to your clothes smelling good, just washing them in the washing machine will not do the job. You will need to pack them away carefully and make sure the area where you are storing them is clean and have adequate ventilation. Follow any of the methods above, and you will Remove any bad odor or musty smell from your clothes.

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