Wacky Hacks For Your Home

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Finding the smartest and easiest ways to do things in your house to make it cleaner or just to make some activities easier is a must.


I have tried these tips and tricks, and they work for me. These tips and tricks will amaze you.


They will help you with saving money and make doing things in your house so much easier. 



Cleaning Your Lint trap


Each time you go to do the laundry, you need to clean the lint trap because stuff builds up in it over a period of time and can cause a fire. You might take it out and try to clean it with your hands, but that won’t clean it properly. Grab a dryer sheet and wipe the lint trap down.


The dryer sheet will pick up anything on the lint trap and give it a proper clean for it to be used again.

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Making Scrambled Eggs


If you have a cocktail shaker laying around that you are not using, you can use it to make the perfect scrambled eggs. Pour your eggs inside it and anything else that you’re adding and cover it and shake it.


Everything will mix perfectly together, and you can just pour it in the pan and make your perfect scrambled eggs. When I did it, I got more out of the eggs when it’s scrambled.



Slicing bread


If you don’t have a serrated blade and want to cut thin slices of bread, that will be a problem. With a regular knife, the bread will start to break apart. Here is a trick to cut your bread like it was butter.


Place a knife under hot water that’s about 120 degrees; you can just let the water run on it under the kitchen faucet for a minute and just wipe it off. It will slice through the bread like it was a hot knife going through butter.

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Leaking Faucet


If you have a hose or leaking faucet, you may not need to go buy one that fast. A simple home hack will do the job. You won’t even have to call the plumber.


A plumbers tape would do the job, but most houses may not have it, so get a rubber glove that you use to clean and cut the end off.


You can now rap this around the part that the hose or faucet screws onto, and this will stop the leak temporarily till you can get a plumber’s tape.


Scuff marks on your wall


If your ever-moving something, kids playing, or just a random scuff on the wall, you can remove it without a problem. Get a tennis ball and just rub the mark off. It will come off quickly and easily.



Plastic on toaster or oven 


Anything can happen, you can have the oven or toaster on, and you are taking something out of a bag, and it blows on the oven or toaster.

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It’s going to stick and will seem impossible to remove, but it’s not. Spray some WD 40 on the area and leave it for five minutes, and when you go back, it will come off with little effort.




I have always noticed on some construction sites when the painter is painting; they line the paint pan with a bag sometimes.


When I ask them about it, they said to avoid using more than one pan for different colors; they just line the pan with a bag. Each time they need to use the next color, they just change the bag.


You can do this at home if you have a project that you will use more than one color and have the paint pan to use over and over again.


Frugal Floor Cleaner


 If you want to clean your Tiles and laminate but don’t want to use toxic chemicals on it, here is the perfect method, if your cleaning the floor, get a mop bucket and pour one tablespoon Dawn dish soap, 1/4 cup Vinegar and baking soda into two gallons warm water. This will clean and deodorize the floor.

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Removing Limescale From Kettle


Over time your kettle will develop limescale. It can be the electric kettle or the one that you put on the stop. This isn’t healthy for you to consume.  You might think this is hard to clean, but it’s not, all you need to do is add water to the kettle and one cup of vinegar and let it boil.



Remove hardware stains from glass


Your drinking glasses at home will have hard water stain over time. You don’t have to go out and buy brand new sets, simply get a container and fill it with water and add vinegar to it and leave them in it for an hour or less. All you need to do after is just give them a wash.



Clean your silverware


If you want to clean and restore your silverware without using toxic chemicals, which is great for you since you put them in your mouth, this hack will be perfect for you, place one of the pots you use to cook with on the stove, add water to it and let it boil.

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Crush a piece of foil paper about the size of a golf ball and add it to the boiling water, then add a tablespoon of baking soda. Place the silverware in it for three minutes while it boils, and they will come out looking brand new again.

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