Surprising Ways To Use Cornstarch

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Cornstarch, many of us have it in our kitchen but hardly use it at all, maybe even once a month. Before you throw it away, check out all these different ways that you can use it. Some of these methods will surprise you in so many ways.


Stop A Shoe From Rubbing Against Your Foot And Causing  A Blister 


You might have bought a shoe and got a perfect size, but one foot is rubbing. It can be the material of the shoe that just needs a little stretching, especially if the material is leather. This had happened to me before, one foot fit perfectly, but the other was tight.

Place some cornstarch on the area that’s rubbing against your foot, and this will prevent you from getting any blisters until the shoe is worn in properly. It is the same with genuine leather, and it has to be broken in. Wallets, shoes, clothes, gloves and lots more.

Remove Grease From Hair

This had happened to everyone that uses oil in their hair. You simply added too much of it, especially if its a new product you are trying.

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This could be a disaster if this happened to you when you are going out. Luckily if you have a box of corn starch at home, it will fix the problem.


Just place some on your fingertips and massage it into your hair. This will also give your hair some texture as well. Do not be frightened when you see part of your hair looks white. When you continue to massage it in, it will disappear. It even stopped a little itching I was having as well.


Bug Bites

Temporarily stop the itching from a bug bit by making a homemade cream. Use water and cornstarch to make a paste and rub it on the affected area. This will stop the itching until you use a proper cream or get medical attention.


Remove Oil stains 


You might spill a little oil on Your favorite jacket at the wrong place where everyone will notice it. Oil stains seem impossible to remove, no matter what you try. Sometimes you even ruin your clothes just by trying to get the oil stain out.

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Making a paste will remove the oil stain. Mix cold water and corn starch together to form a paste and rub in on the stain and leave if for an hour. The corn starch will break down the stain, so it is easily rubbed out.


Cleaning Your Pet


My aunt’s dog sometimes has a nasty attitude when it comes to the time when she needs to take a bath. She will go into the most inconvenient places and let her body weight down. So sometimes she doesn’t even take a shower, only when she wants to.

A quick way to clean your dog is by using cornstarch and their brush. Sprinkle it all over them and use their brush to brush it in. You can even use your hand to rub it in, and this will make them feel like you are playing with them. There is also an extra benefit; the cornstarch removes grease and gives their hair texture.

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Cleaning Silver Or Chrome

By making a paste with the cornstarch, you can clean any furniture that is silver or chrome. It removes fingerprint marks, grease marks, and lots more. Add two-part corn starch to one part water and mix it until a paste is formed.


You can use your kitchen sponge to wipe the furniture or appliances down, then use a piece of paper towel or microfiber cloth and give it a final wipe down. If your kitchen sink is grease just wipe the sink down with corn starch to remove the grease in one go.


Thicken Your Sauce

Most time when you are cooking, you want to have the perfect gravy or sauce for your food. Sometimes when you do make it, it comes out too watery, and you end up having to use it.


The great thing with corn starch is that it can immediately thicken your sauce as soon as you notice that it is too watery. All you need to do is add the right amount of corn starch to the sauce.

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Be careful not to add too much because it can thicken the sauce too much and then you will definitely have to get rid of the sauce. That is the only thing with corn starch when you are trying to thicken anything with it. Add a small amount first to see how well it thickens then add more if needed.

Oil Spill 

Oil spills are the worse, cleaning it is a nightmare. You can use 10 different cloth, and it won’t clean the oil up properly. You would eventually have to wash the area down with soap and hot water to kill the grease.


To quickly remove the oil, basically in one wipe without changing the cloth, just sprinkle some cornstarch on top of the oil spill and use a piece of paper towel to wipe the oil up. You will be so surprised because when you feel the area, it will seem like there wasn’t even an oil spill there.

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