How to Organize A Small House With No Storage

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How to Organize A Small House With No Storage

Having a small house means you need to find storage in place when you need it the most. Organizing a small house with no storage is no easy task, but it can be done with a few tricks and make your house feel much bigger than it is. This method can also be used in your apartment if you want as well.

Small homes do have benefits to them, and that is why you choose one to live in. They cost less, are easy to clean and are sometimes more comfortable than a bigger house. With that being said, let us get to those ideas of making a small house have a lot of storage that you can use.

The 9 Ways To Organize A Small House With No Storage

Below are 9 way you can make a small house or small apartment feel much more comfortable by creating storage spaces that won’t make the house feel smaller. Some of these methods will require you to buy some items, but I will leave a link to those items at the end of each method.

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1. Use Back Of Doors

Doors are almost in every room in our house, and we miss use the space they provide. One way they can create extra space in a small house is by adding a shoe rack on the back of the door so that you don’t have to take up closet space or other spaces on the ground with all of your shoes.

You can also add hooks to the back of the door and hang things that can be hung that you have laying around on the floor. Hooks can be used to hang a lot of things, so use them on the back of your door so that you utilize the upper space in the tiny house.

. Hooks

. Hanger 

2. Use Cabinet Space

Cabinets can be used for a lot of things other than storing food and pots in the kitchen. You can make more space in your cabinet by organizing large pots by placing smaller ones in them. When it comes to the food in the cabinets, look if you have expired food and get rid of them to make more space.

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Once you have made more space, you can put large items that you would normally have on the ground on the cabinet’s lower shelves. Things like water bottles. Cool books, glasses, and so much more things. Make sure to put large, heavy items on the lower shelves of the cabinet to be on the safe side when you try to get them.

3. Buy Furniture With Storage To Organize Small House With No Storage 

This method is for those who are in the position of shopping for new furniture either for the new small house or if you just want some new furniture. This is the perfect time for you to buy furniture that carries a storage area on them. This will make great storage space for random items that you might end up having.

You can buy tables that are high or have drawers on them. Buy bookshelves that have a cabinet area at the bottom of it. This method can create a lot of space for you, so if you plan on downsizing, sell your current furniture and buy new ones with storage space and much taller ones.

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4. Build Shelves

This method should come to your mind when you think of marking more space. It is a great idea but will require you to hire someone to install them for you because you will be putting heavy loads on them. Using shelves that stick to the wall would not be a good idea because some of them can only manage 10 lbs or less. Hire a carpenter or ask a friend that can do those types of things to help you out, and you will find yourself with an adequate amount of space in your small home to store whatever you need.

  • .Books
  • .Clothes
  • .Pots / Pans
  • .Toys
  • .Decorations

5. Use Storage Space Underneath Your Bed

Underneath your bed is one of the most unused spaces in any house, whether it is small, big, or tiny. Most people’s beds will have less than 10 inches of clearance underneath it, but that can still hold a lot of items. Your bed can also be raised a few inches with risers to have a total of over 20 inches to use.

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When storing things underneath your bed, make sure they have a proper airflow so that mold does not form and ruin whatever you are storing. Leave space in between the items, and that will prevent the mold from forming.

. Bed risers 

6. Hang Things On The Wall

A lot of the time, we do not recognize that the walls in our house are wasted being empty, or we just put pictures on them that take up small spaces. In a small house, every space is needed, and your walls can store things on. You can either place hooks on the walls or install shelving on them.

7. Use Storage Bins

When storing items, you need to store them in storing bins that can lock together. This makes it safer for you to store them higher. You can buy them online or anywhere you can, but storage containers are the best way to store things in a small house to make everything hold.

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. Storage Bins

8. Get Rid Of Duplicate Items

A lot of times in our house, we have duplicate items that are taking up a lot of space. These can be food items, furniture that you’re not using, tools, and a lot more things. By getting rid of these items, you would be surprised by the amount of space that you would find in your house.

Before you throw away these items, you should try and sell them online and make some extra money or give them away to a charity or someone that needs them that you know. Check-in your cabinets, underneath your bed, closets, and those places for duplicate items that you might have one do not need.

9. Down Size On Furniture 

If you’re planning to move into a smaller house, downsizing on furniture would be the very ideal thing to do. This will ensure that all of your furniture would fit in your house and you would have adequate space to store other items. 

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If you have a California king or a king-size bed and you are moving into a smaller house, you might need to sell the larger bed and downsize to a smaller one to allow it to fit your other furniture. This will open up so much more space for you in that room in your small house for you to store items.

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you have created adequate space in your tiny house, you now need to ensure that space is always there. Do not buy extra items that you do not need so that the space can still remain in your house. Continue to keep your house organized by placing things in the right areas or else your small house will get back to the same state it was before. Share these amazing methods with others the needs ideas.

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