4 Effective Ways to Remember To Turn Off Your Lights

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How to Remember to Turn Off Lights

With gas and diesel prices going up electricity bills will be on the rise and you will need to remember to turn your lights off so you can lower your electricity bill. Not everyone has a good memory and I’m one of those people. Some of these methods I’m currently using so I can guarantee you that you will remember to turn your lights off.

light switch to turn off lights

Method 1. Set A Reminder On Your Phone

Every phone has a reminder on it and we set it for birthdays and other special events. What if you set a reminder on your iPhone or android to turn off your light at a certain time of the night or morning. The way this will work is if you are laying down and you set the reminder to go off at 9:PM and you are in bed then you will get the notification to get up and turn off the lights in a specific room.

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You can set the reminder for each day of the week at any time you want to so try this method and I guarantee you that you will remember to turn off the lights and save on your electricity.

Method 2. Use Wifi Connected Lights

Wifi lights are really convenient these days because you can control them just by using your phone. Even if you live in an apartment you can just take out the bulbs and switch them with the new wifi bulbs and that is it, you do not need to install anything complicated.

The way these lights work is by connecting to your home wifi directly from the bulb using the app the company made. You can sit in your bed and turn off the lights directly using your phone or set a reminder on the app to turn off the lights. These lights are called Philips Hue and you can buy them here.

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Method 3. Connect Lights To Amazon Alexia 

This next option is similar to the wifi light but it is more advanced and made by the same company Philips. These bulbs can be set on a schedule to turn on or off multiple times per day and they can be connected to amazon Alexia and use your voice to turn them off.

What is great about these lights is that you just need to set the schedule and leave it. When you need to turn on the lights you can use the light switch or your phone and multiple people can have access to the app plus the amazon Alexia. The bulbs are called Color and tunable white PAR38 120W Wifi Wiz Connected LEB Lights Bulbs.

If you have lamps in your house, I have a solution for you as well. You can buy a socket that connects to your wifi and work similarly to how the wifi bulbs work. You can even use it for other things like setting a schedule to turn on your dehumidifier, fan, etc. This product is called KASA Smart Plugs. You just plug it into the wall and plug your lamp into it hen connect it to the wife and control it from your phone.

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Method 4. Put A Note On Your Refrigerator 

This is a simple way to set a reminder.  Most of the time we will pass our refrigerator when we are going to bed or going to work so if you put a sticky note on the refrigerator to turn off your lights before you go to bed or work you will remember it for sure.

Final Thoughts:

Not everyone will remember to turn off their light so don’t be too hard on yourself if you keep leaving it on. These 4 methods will ensure that your lights are turned off and even if you left the house your lights will still turn off themself because you set them on a schedule.

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