How to Clean Bird Poop Off Your Deck Without A Power Washer

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How to Clean Bird Poop Off Deck

Bird poop on your deck can ruin the stain or paint on it. Cleaning the deck without a power washer and without leaving a stain from the poop can be tricky. But this cleaning method will remove the bird poop off your deck in the easiest and most effective way possible without stripping the paint or removing the stain.

Step-By-Step Method To Get Bird Poop Off Your Deck: Dried Poop And Fresh Poop

Tools Needed:

  • Push Broom / Regular Broom
  • Dawn Dish Soap 
  • Baking Soda 
  • Large Cleaning Container
  • Hose

Step 1. Remove Things On The Deck

The first thing you need to do is remove everything off the deck and check them to see if bird poop got on them as well. By taking most of the things off the deck you will have enough room to clean the entire deck properly so one area doesn’t look clean and the next look miss colored.

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Step 2. Making The Cleaning Mixture

adding dawn dish soap to warm water

In this step, you will make a homemade cleaning solution that will both get rid of the smell of the bird poop and clean off the stain as well. To make the mixture, you will need to add 3 gallons of warm water in a large container, add half a cup of baking soda, half a cup vinegar, and half a cup of dawn dish soap. Once you have added everything mix it around for 1 minute then skip to the next step.

Step 3. Pre-Soak The Deck

This step is very important because it will make your work a lot easier in the 4th step. Presoaking the deck will soften all the dirt and bird poop stains. With the mixture, you just made take a large cup and take out some of the cleaning solutions, and pour it over the entire deck, especially on all the bird poop marks. Let it sit on the deck for 5-15 minutes depending on how dirty and how much bird poop is on the deck.

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Step 4. Scrape The Poop-Off The Deck

Since you have just presoak the deck for 5-15 minutes you can now spare off thick chunks of bird poop with a painter’s scraper or anything with a large enough edge on it. You can even use a snow shovel or a shovel to scrape the poop off as long as you do not apply too much pressure down to scrape the deck

Step 5. Washing The Deck

Now it is time to wash the deck off with a brush broom or a regular broom. But first, you need to pour the rest of the cleaning mixture on the deck and use a garden hose to wet the deck even more. Once you did that use the broom and sweep the areas where the bird poop stains are with a lot of pressure pushing down until you see the small amount of poop stain gone.

With the rest of the deck, you can act like you are sweeping it but apply more pressure and it will remove the dirt.

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Step 6. Rinsing The Deck

Once you have cleaned all the deck and get the bird poop off especially. You now can rinse the deck off with your garden hose. The deck will be soapy so you will need to set the hose nozzle on the rain option or adjust it to make it look like rain is falling so the water can spread evenly and wash the deck off properly. 

Once you washed off all the soap, walk around and check to see if there is still stain marks from the bird poop. If everything is clean you can leave the deck to dry.

How To Stop Birds From Pooping On Your Deck:

Bird standing on branch

Preventing birds from pooping on your deck in the first place is the best solution there is. You might be doing things that attract the birds to your deck so here are some ways you attract the bird and how to prevent them from pooping on the deck again.

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Cutting tree limbs hanging over the deck –

Recently I had to have some limbs cut off a tree in my backyard because it was causing too much moisture for the lawn plus some of the limbs were hanging over the steps to go on the deck and birds were constantly staying on them. Since those limbs are gone I no longer have the bird poop problem.

Taking garbage and food off your deck –

The next thing that might be attracting the birds to your deck is the food source. Birds will go anywhere for food and as soon as they eat the poop where they are. Check your deck to see if you have bird food on it or garbage that you forgot to take up. If you keep garbage on your deck try relocating it.

Using Bird repellents –

Majority of bird that lives or comes near your house all have predators that hunt them. Hawks, owls and cats will catch and eat birds so placing a fake one on your deck will definitely scare the birds off. You can purchase these on Amazon for a very low price and prevent birds from ever pooping on your deck again.

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Final Thoughts:

Sometimes one bird will accidentally poop on your deck but if you continuously keep seeing the poop on your deck each day then you need to address that problem.  Doing this will prevent you from cleaning your deck every day. Find out why the birds are pooping on your deck with the suggestions band address it.

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