How to Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage

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How to Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage

Having a bird build its nest or get stuck in your garage can be a problem and so does getting the bird out of your garage. Hummingbirds love to fly into places and get stuck and so do most common bird species. Some birds can get aggressive when they are cornered or have eggs nesting on.

This can have you lose an eye or have your kid lose an eye because they will not know what to do if the bird attacks.

garage packet full of things

What this article will do is give you 4 different methods to get a bird out of your garage if it is living in it or building a nest without harming it. These methods can work on any bird species or size. But be very careful if the bird has eggs or live chicks.

Methods to Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage

Below are 4 methods to get a bird out of your garage along with how to keep them out. Two of the most important thing you should do before you dry any of the methods below is to wear safety glasses and cover holes in the walls of your garage because you do not want the bird to get stuck in the walls.

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Tools You Will Need For Some Of The Options:


1. Use Bright Lights

led light installed on garage wall

Just like humans, we cannot see that well if bright light is pointed at us directly and we will look in the opposite direction. This method can work by leading the bird outside to an escape root. If you have a flashlight at home this can be used.

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you should do is put on a safety glass so if the bird comes at you it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

2. Turn off all the lights in the garage and open the garage door. Turn on your flashlight and point it straight at the bird.

3. The bird will immediately want to fly in the opposite direction where it sees an opening even if it is scared. Once the bird takes off make sure to duck down just in case the bird flies around for a bit since the garage will be dark.

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2. Use Fake Owl To Get Birds Out Of Garage

This is one of the easiest ways to get a bird out of your garage. These methods work in cornfields where they use things that look like humans to scare off birds from the corns. Most birds are afraid of owls because owls are the predictors that hunt them down. I will link to the best owl you can buy on amazon to use.

Steps To Take:

1. Carefully enter the garage and place the fake owl on one of the shelves that are high enough so the sound can bounce around or so the bird can see it.

2. Before you turn on the owl, set it on the timer option so it doesn’t go off while you are in there. Because the bird will see it and might stay still but as soon as it goes off they will fly around like crazy.

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3. Once you are out of the garage, leave the door open and when the owls go off the bird will find the nearest exit whether it is the window or garage door. If your garage is connected to your house make sure you close that one so the bird oddest gets stuck in your house.


3. Leave An Escape Route For The Bird

garage door open letting in air

This method might have been the first thing you try to do but it didn’t work. Sometimes birds will need a little motivation to leave because they are frightened as well. What you can do to encourage the bird to leave is to place food outside the garage door and window.

If the bird has been in the garage for a few hours it will be hungry and thirsty so it will go for the food once you walk away and leave them. When the bird is gone out of the garage, close the doors and windows and get rid of the food they are eating because they will think that you will do it again, especially crows which they said were as smart as a 5-year-old.

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4. Set A Trap For The Bird In Your Garage

There are different types of traps on amazon that you can buy that will catch the bird without hurting it. This method is for people who want the bird to leave their area because it eating their vegetables in the garden or attacking them etc and it got stuck in their garage one day. If you choose not to take out the bird, you can relocate it by catching it in a trap.

Steps To Take:

1. Place the trap on a shelve and add some food that you know birds love in the trap and make the trap do the rest of the work by closing.

2. If you are relocating the bird, I would suggest covering up the trap with a blanket and let it go in the woods so that it can make a new home there.

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4. Play Their Predator Sounds

This method is similar to how a fake owl works but you will only be using sounds. Birds have a lot of predators like snakes, hawks owls, cats, and so much more things.

The good thing with the Bluetooth speaker is that you can play any one of their natural predator sounds loudly off YouTube through this speaker and it will make the bird find the nearest exit as fast as possible especially if you play a hawk sound.

Steps To Take:

1. First thing you need to do is connect the speaker to your phone and go on YouTube and find the animal sound you want to play and select it.

2. Place the speaker on the floor in the garage and play the sound. Make sure the garage door and windows are open because the bird will fly out instantly.


How To Keep Bird Out Of Garage

These two methods below are the best way to keep birds out of your garage to avoid them building a nest in it.

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Remove Food Source 

food on barrel in garage

Birds can fly all over the place to look and eat food, but if you also have a cozy and warm place with food in the garage the birds will not leave and will also defend the area. People tend to store bird seeds in the garages and that is a bad idea because if you leave the garage door open the birds will fly in and get stuck.

Birds will also get curious if they see plant fertilizer and think it is food. Some plant fertilizers are organic and made from farm animal feces on farms so they will catch the bird’s interest.

If you cannot store these things in other areas, get closable containers and put them in so the birds cannot see or get to them.

By doing these small things you will get the bird out of your garage if it built a nest. If the bird just flies in you can just open the garage door and it will fly out.

Organize Garage And Eliminate Nest Areas

Empty crate on garage shelf

My aunt’s husband does a lot of work and has no time to organize or clean the garage where he stores his tools and anything that they do not want to have in the house. What this does is make perfect nesting areas for birds that are safe and cozy. For example in the picture above you see an empty crate that a bird could use for a nest.

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Organize things in your garage so that if a bird flies in by mistake or if it is looking for a nest it doesn’t find one and moves on to somewhere else. Use closable bins and stack shelves neatly as well.

Close Garage Door And Window

garage door that is closed

To fix a problem is to prevent it in the first place and leaving your garage door and windows open will make birds get stuck in your garage. If you keep forgetting to go back out and close your garage door, install an automatic garage door opener so you can control it from your car.

How Long Can A Bird Go Without Water

Humans can’t go over 3 days without water or else our bodies will start to feel the effects of it. Birds on the other hand need water more than us because they are constantly on the move and burning energy which makes them need to eat and drink water.

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The answer to this question depends on the bird size, for a smaller bird it is in 2-3 hours, and for a large bird like a pigeon they can go up to 48+ hours without water until their body starts to feel dehydrated.

Final Thoughts:

Birds are animals of the wild that will create a mess if they get trapped for too long in your garage. They poop anywhere they want and will hit things over without caring.

The first thing you need to focus on is how to keep birds out of your garage so you won’t have to go through the struggle of getting the bird out of your garage in the first place. After you have gotten the bird out, follow the steps below and you will have no more bird problems.

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