How to Keep Flies Out Of Garage

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How to Keep Flies Out Of Garage

Flies spread the most bacteria of any insects because they fly and feed on animal feces and other things so that is why it is important to keep flies out of your garage. Most of our garage is connected to our house and if flies are in it they will eventually end up in the house as well.

garage door that is closed

A fly swat will not work in this situation because at this point you might have too many flies in the garage and they start to lay eggs and you see maggots in some areas like in the trash can. This article will make your garage fly-free within a few hours. 

Why Are There Flies In My Garage?

The short answer to this question is that you have a food source that they like which is rotten food, old rotten fruits, or even pet feces or you have too much moisture where they can lay their eggs because of the moisture. But the main reason is food, they will go anywhere for it. 

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How Long Can Flies Live For?

house fly

Regular house flies live for 28 days while Culex pipiens live for 7 days. What you will find in your garage is regular house flies so now you know if you have to keep them out of the garage because they live so long.

How to Keep Flies Out Of Garage In 8 Ways

Below are 8 different ways that you can use to keep flies out of your garage based on how bad of a fly infestation you have and how to get flies out of your garage as well.

1. Fix Opening And Tear Screen Windows 

broken garage door rubber seal

Flies will find an entrance to areas that will blow your mind. All one fly needs to do is lay a few eggs and all of a sudden within days or weeks you will see flies flying all over your garage driving you crazy and coming into your house.

If your garage door is always closed then check for cracks in the wall and tears in the window screen of the garage because they will find the smallest hole in it and come through. With the garage door, check the rubber seal underneath it to see if it has a hole in it where flies can come through.

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2. Use Electric Light Traps

Electric light traps are a good investment to buy because it works on multiple insects like mosquitoes, bugs, flies, and other insects. So when you get out the flies out of your garage you can put the electric light trap in other areas like your deck or where you keep the trash bins.

With the light traps all you need to do is buy it, plug it in and it will do the rest. All you need to do is check to see when it is full so that you can empty it.

3. Install Yellow Lights

Yellow lights seem to keep flies and mosquitoes away from your house. If you watch movies you will always see some yellow lights near the door of some old house outside the town. Installing one of these will keep flies out of the garage along with mosquitoes as well.

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The only drawback to using these lights is that you will have to look at the yellow lights each time you go in your garage.

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4. Change Your Trash Bins

closed trash bin

Some of us store our garbage in the garage until the garbage man comes because if you put it outside animals might kick it over. This might be the main cause of flies coming into your garage because of the food that is in the garbage bin.

If your garbage bin is old and has holes in it, flies will come into your garage and find those holes and feed on the garbage, lay eggs and multiply. Soon after that, your trash bin will be full of maggots and flies.

At this point, you will need new garbage bins that can be covered properly to avoid flies and rats coming into your garage overnight and make you have to call pest control which can get pricey because this has happened to me before. 

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5. Store Garbage Outside

Above I mentioned changing your garbage bins to ones that can close properly and ones that don’t have any holes in them. But what if you can store the garbage outside if you don’t have any animal problems with them.

This will eliminate the number one food source that would cause flies to come into your garage or if you have a dead animal like a rat or bird that died in the garage would be the next cause. If you can store your garbage outside especially in a metal trash can, this will keep flies out garage for sure and make it smell much better as well. 

6. Make Homemade Fly Repellent 

What if I tell you that you can make your house and garage smell amazing and keep flies away at the same time. This will be a win, win situation for you. The only thing you will need to do is to make your own homemade air freshener with one secret ingredient that flies hate.

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This ingredient is essential oil’s. Lavender, cinnamon, and peppermints are fly-repellant odors that will make your house and garage smell great. All you need to do is add 15 drops of essential oils to a spray bottle with warm water and spray it all over the garage. This will keep flies away from your garage.

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7. Use Residential Pesticides 

Pesticides are strong chemicals that you can use to get rid of a lot of insects and bugs. But they are very toxic and can be used around animals or kids if they are going to be close by. If you choose to use pesticides in your garage to keep flies out. Do not use the garage for at least 3 days and make sure your kids and pets stay away from it.

8. Check For Leaks

Leaks in the piping of your garage that runs all over the house can attract flies because they love the moisture. Flies choose moist and warm areas to lay their eggs because the eggs will have a better chance of hatching into maggots. Not only in the walls you can have leaks, but you can also have them in containers that you store things in and to create moisture you just need liquid somewhere.

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Check your entire garage to make sure you do not have any containers leaking to make the flies find your garage too homey. 

Final Thoughts:

Flies spread a lot of bacteria and you should try to keep them out of your garage, house, and porch at all costs. The major attraction for house flies is food that they can get to that is laying around so if you can get rid of rotten food or fruits that will prevent this problem in the first place.

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