How to Keep Flies Away From Trash Can

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How to Keep Flies Away From Trash Can

Flies spread bacteria each and everywhere they go, keeping flies away from your trash can save you time from cleaning and prevent maggots from invading your trash can outside and inside your house. Maggots are formed from the fly feces that it drops on the garbage in the trash can or any area that the maggot can survive and eat.

trash can with garbage

This article will teach you the best ways and practices to keep flies away from your trash can with detailed instructions and pictures so it will be easier for you to follow them. Some of these methods below can also be used to keep flies away from your trash bin or can on the outside of your house.

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Best ways to keep flies from your trash can

Below is a list of the best ways you can keep a fly away from your trash can to prevent them from spreading bacteria in your house.

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1. Empty Trash Can Often:

Keeping your trash overnight in the house can cause flies to want to get in your trash can because of the food that is in it, plus this will also make your house smell like trash all the time. What you need to do is every evening or night empty the trash that you put raw food, leftovers diapers, and other things. This will guarantee you a fresher-smelling house and prevent flies from wanting to come into your house.

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For the outside trash cans, have the garbage truck collect the trash twice a week if that is possible. This will prevent the sun and other weather elements from degrading the food faster and attracting more flies. If the truck cannot come twice a week, doubling the bags will stop the majority of the food smell from getting out and if one bag gets a cut, there is another bag that can prevent the garbage from getting out.

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2. Wait Until The Trash Is Full To Put Raw Meat:

A lot of people do not know this but raw food like meat skin will cause flies to want to come in your trash can more often. Just putting the skin in the trash can will not work, you need to put it in the trash at the end of the day when the trash can is full and will get taken out. To prevent flies from getting in your outside trash can, put raw meat in a separate bag like a ziplock bag so if flies sneak in the trash they will not be able to get to the food.

3. Use Fly Repellent:

This is the go-to method for most people and it does work, so you can still try and use this method to get rid of flies or keep them away from your inside trash cans and outside trash cans.

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4. Wash Trash Cans:

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Over time your trash can start to smell because when you put things in the trash can and it looks full, we sometimes push the things down and break the bag. This will cause food to get in the physical trash can and cause flies to want to come to it even though you just take the trash out. I recommend checking your trash can each time you take out the trash and washing every one of your trash cans every 2 weeks to get rid of any bacteria that might be there.

For outside trash cans you can do the same thing, but make sure they are closed properly so the trash and moisture do not mix and cause mold to develop in your outside trash can.

5. Make Sure Screen Door Is Lock:

You might sometimes wonder how flies get in your house, this might be because your screen door is not looking properly or there is a hole in the mesh screen protector. Always check your screen door to make sure it is locked properly if you see flies in your house flying around your trash.

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6. Use Fly Trapper:

So this method is when you try the rest and you want better results, you can buy a special type of fly trap that sticks to the side of the trash can on the inside. This will get rid of any insects or flies that get in your trash can, you will see all of them at the bottom of the trash can. This Product is called ( Terro T800 Garbage Guard ) use this in any trash can to prevent insects from taking it over.

7. Sprinkle Borax In The Garbage:

Borax is a strong cleaning product that is well known for years, ants and other insects hate it so sprinkling it in your garbage when your garbage is full will prevent insects and flies from wanting to get in. Be sure to tell the garbage collector that you will be sprinkling baking soda in the garbage so they don’t think of something else.

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8. Spray Vinegar In The Trash:

Vinegar is safe for human consumption but, insects and animals hate the smell of vinegar and will stay far away from it. You can simply mix vinegar in a 2:1 ratio mixture in a spray bottle. Add 2 cups of vinegar and fill the spray bottle with water. Spray this mixture all over the trash can and the inside as well.


Flies are one of the most common ways to spread bacteria because they will land on anything. This can be a problem if they keep surrounding your trash can in your house or outside because one fly can land in your refrigerator and pass bodily substances and out of nowhere your entire refrigerator is full of maggots. The methods above are very effective if your practice them and will definitely keep flies away from your trash.

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