13 Amazing Bathroom Cleaning Methods

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Amazing bathroom cleaning tips and tricks you need to know to make cleaning your bathroom much easier. Some of these tips and tricks will surprise you and have you thinking why you haven’t think of this before.


Our bathroom is the first or second place we go to when we get home from a long day at work, so having it looking clean as possible is the goal of this article.

Wipe Down The Walls

One section of the bathroom that I know most of us will forget to clean or try to avoid it at all cost is the walls.


Your walls will not stay the same just like when they were painted, at some point in time you will have to clean them which can be a big task.


The easiest way to clean them is by using a Swiffer microfiber mop with changeable pads. This will make it super easy to clean any place without lifting your foot off the ground. You can use your own cleaning product to spray on the walls or mop to clean it even better.

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Clean Inbetween Sliding Shower Doors



If your bathroom has a sliding shower door, this is an important section that you need to clean. It might be a little challenging to clean, but if you do not clean it, dirt will definitely build-up there and will cause the shower to have a pungent smell.


The section that the doors slide on at the bottom will need to be cleaned each time you clean the bathroom. There will be a little section where you cannot reach in-between to clean.


If you are using a sponge to clean the shower, just slide it in-between the two glass. My showerhead can be detached, so I just put it on the max power and wash everything that’s on the slider.

Clean The Draws Out


Place the necessary things in the drawers in your bathroom. If you keep cleaning products in them, keep them in one draw. Do not mix them with other products in the bathroom, which can be mistakenly used for something else.

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The more organized your bathroom is, the easier it is to clean and find things, and the draws are the first place to start.

Clean Shower Head


If you have a stainless steel shower head or silver and it has watermarks on it, then this cleaning method is for you. This method will also clean out the tiny holes that the water comes out of as well to make the best of your shower.


For stainless steel and silver shower heads, I mix two cups distill vinegar with 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide in a ziplock bag that can fit around the showerhead.


After you did that, get two rubber bands, this will secure the ziplock bag to the showerhead. Here is how to do it, place the ziplock bag over the showerhead and twist the rubber bands over the showerhead until the bag is secured.


Leave this on for 3 hours and then go back and give it a proper cleaning. Make sure the showerhead is submerged in the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. For showerheads that are painted only use the vinegar, the hydrogen peroxide will lighten the paint on the painted shower head.

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Use Steam To Clean Shower Easier


This method I discovered when I took a really long shower one day with the water extremely hot. When I got out, I notice I could see dust and things in areas that I didn’t usually see them.


Even in the shower, I realize a few grout joints with some marks were easier to come off. The next time I cleaned the bathroom, I set the water to the hottest setting and let it run for 10 minutes, then go in and clean.


Cleaning each area of the bathroom has never been easier, but make sure to open the window and turn on the vent when you are done.

Clean Or Change Shower Curtains


Every two weeks, you should wash or change the shower curtains in your bathroom if you have any. Leaving them to wash at the end of the month will ruin them because black mold will start to form on them and can be really hard to come off.

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Clean Any Glue That May Be Left On The Floor From The Rug


We like to have the nicest rugs in our bathrooms to make it look amazing. Some of these rugs look amazing, but they are not properly made, or the right product wasn’t used to keep it together.


What I’m talking about is the glue that remains on your tiles when you take up the rugs. They leave a nasty mess, which is really hard to clean off. If you decide to leave them to clean the next time, that will only make it even worse for you.


The glue will get black and disgusting, and the continuous walking on it will make it harder to get off. My suggestion is, as soon as you see the glue on the flooring, scrape it off and change the rug or get a different brand.

Rearrange Shelves And Get Rid Of Things


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The shelves in my bathroom were full of all different types of things. The reason why this happened is because the shelves are locked away, and no one really goes there, and I just place any cleaning products there.


This can make it challenging to find things when you want them to clean and can even be a fire hazard. You can look through all the items in the cabinet and get rid of whatever you do not need or what you haven’t used that often.


This will give the cabinet a better look, and I’m sure you will clean it more often because you see fewer things to move.

Lift Things And Clean Underneath Them


We all get lazy sometimes when we are cleaning and just wipe around things, and I even do it sometimes. When you are feeling that way, just think that it will make cleaning even harder the next time you do it.

Only Put Bathroom Things In The Bathroom Garbage Bin


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We all do this sometimes, we are eating something really good, and we bring it in the bathroom and end up finishing it in there. A little food can still be remaining, and we place it in the garbage bin.


The problem with this is that we take a longer time to empty the bathroom trash so that food will be there, and that’s not good.

Clean Window Joints

The sliders that the windows roll-on needs to be cleaned as well. It makes the bathroom cleaner, and the windows will be easier to move.

Clean And Polish Tiolet


Having a toilet that sparkles and looks snow white is the ultimate goal, both outside and inside. Well, making this happen will be so easy with this cleaning hack.


All you have to do is hold the drill and let it do the work for you. For the inside of the toilet, use the brush that comes with the package that I will list below.

You can add borax, dawn, or bleach to the toilet and clean it with the brush. The benefit of using the drill is that you don’t have to do any work; it removes stains faster and easier. For the outside of the toilet, use the red pad, and clean the toilet down. (Note The Cordless Drill Is Sold Separately)

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This is a list of some of the items I use in my house to clean, which are affordable as well. They all make cleaning much easier for me and even faster. I recommend you use these. List of affiliate links below.

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Clean Grout Joints

The grout joints in your bathroom play a very important role in the way your bathroom look. They are two types of grout that can be used, sanded and un-sanded grout.

Most bathrooms will use sanded grout because the space between the tiles are bigger, so using the sanded grout holes better. The bad thing about it is that it is hard to clean, you cannot just go and wipe it out just like that. If you are thinking about using a sponge, that’s a bad idea; the sand will just rip it apart.

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What you can do to clean it easily without putting in any effort is by using a cordless drill. You can use some attachment to connect to it to clean, the brushes that comes with it varies from soft to hard so you and use it on any surface.

So cleaning the grout joint is easy with this, just spray some cleaning agent on the joints and use the drill on the grout joints. You don’t even have to apply that much pressure to the drill for it to be adequately cleaned.


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