Farmhouse Style Paint Colors

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The farmhouse style paint colors and decor trend has been popular for quite a while. But should we even call it a trend? Farmhouse style has been around for ages. It’s just that a lot of people have only started incorporating it in their homes recently.


And thanks to the TV show, Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, this style of decorating has inspired so many home renovations and decor projects.



Farmhouse style is not just about decorating, painting your house with certain colors, the design or layout of your house, or where you live. It is a lifestyle that takes in more than just how you decorate your home.



Most people who embrace the farmhouse lifestyle are interested in growing their own food, supporting their local farmer’s market, upcycling/repurposing, making their own furniture and connecting with nature. This lifestyle also makes way for simple living.



You might not be interested in all that the farmhouse lifestyle entails. Maybe you are only interested in the decor. Whether you embrace it all or only some aspects, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the farmhouse style anywhere you live. You don’t have to be out in the country or in the mountains. You can be living in the heart of the city or suburbs in your own Fixer Upper style home.

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For any type of lifestyle, the setting is important for living out your story. So for the farmhouse style, it is a good idea to start with decorating. This decor style includes the distressed look, rustic vibes and certain type of paint clors.



Farmhouse Style Paint Colors



The farmhouse style normally creates a soothing ambiance. It should be light on the eyes and not overbearing at all. So you want to make sure the paint colors you use are very calm.



Light paint colors are mostly used. They make a room feel light, cheery and relaxing. So you can use light grays, whites, creams, light blues, and greige for your paint colors. A light green can be sparingly used too.



Dark colors are sometimes used too. But you don’t want the dark colors to take presedence over the lighter colors. You could do an accent wall with a dark color, or even just one room. Dark grays and blues are great options.



When deciding between where to paint with lighter or darker colors, keep in mind that a small room or one with little lighting works better with lighter paint colors.

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If you would like to paint a room or wall with a darker color, make sure the room has good lighting and is not a small room. The darker colors won’t do a great job at making a room feeling light and airy.



It’s kind of the norm to see farmhouse style houses with light colors on the walls, with a lot of wood furniture and rustic accents. This combination makes a house feel and look very cozy.



So stick to the light paint colors, especially white and gray. Using these paint colors will make your home feel light, relaxing and very inviting.

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