Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas

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Farmhouse style decor, also known as Fixer Upper style, is the perfect theme for making your home feel down home country even if you are living in the middle of town.



This style of decorating brings the countryside into your home, and make you feel like you are living on a farm even if you are not. It’s a warm, natural, rustic and simple way of decorating.



You do not have to live on a farm to decorate with farmhouse style. You might be living in an apartment in the city, a penthouse, or a modest home in the suburbs. It does not matter, farmhouse style is still for you. And if you are living in the countryside, or on a farm, that is so wonderful for you!



Wherever you live, you just need to know what elements and pieces to include in your decor to get the farmhouse style in your home.

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Think rustic for lighting fixtures. Maybe you could use a wood chandelier or metal bathroom lights. Upcycling or repurposing to make your own farmhouse lighting is also a good idea. Two good ideas are a wagon wheel chandelier, or a mason jar kitchen lighting fixture.





Wood makes a home warm and cozy. And the farmhouse theme includes a lot of wood. Rustic and shabby chic wood furniture completes a home with farmhouse charm.



Paint Colors



For farmhouse style, light and neutral paint colors are normally used for walls. Sometimes a dark color is used. But usually only for one room, or an accent wall. Whites, light blues, light grays, cream and greige are the basic farmhouse paint colors.






Shiplap is quite frequently used in homes with farmhouse style decor. You can do an entire room, or maybe a number of rooms with shiplap. You can also choose to just have only one or a few shiplap accent walls.

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Add a touch of greenry or flora in your home with a farmhouse style wreath. You can use artificial elements to make your wreath. Or you can use fresh herbs and plants to make your wreaths. Dried vines also make beautiful wreaths.


Wood Signs



Decorate your walls with rustic wood signs. You can use inspirational quotes, your favorite Bible verses, a farm or country quote, or even just a welcome message.





A signature clock will surely add a touch of farmhouse style to your home. Some types of farmhouse clocks include shiplap, windmill style, and vintage clocks.






If you are aiming to get the farmhouse look, repurposing or upcycling things around your home to make decor or to use in your garden is the way to go. Use an old grater for a lampshade, or an old bird cage as planter.

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These are just a few farmhouse style decor ideas. There are many more ways to get that down home, warm and cozy farmhouse look in your home. Hope you will find these ideas helpful.

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