The Most Delicious Roast Potatoes Ever

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Are you one of those people who get excited when you hear that potato is on the menu for dinner? A potato dish on the dinner table does not only awaken your taste buds, it also warms the heart. So will these delicious roast potatoes! Don’t worry… You will learn how to make them too.


Let’s go through the reasons why these roasted potatoes are so delicious.

They are baked in coconut milk. So there is the added flavor of creamy coconut to your roasted potatoes. The crusts are somewhat crispy with a layer of coconut milk slush on top.


There are herbs sprinkled all over these potatoes. So you get to enjoy the flavor of the herbs, as they are soaked into the potatoes while roasting.


The potatoes are parboiled before roasting. This cuts down on the roasting time, and makes the potatoes very soft on the inside.

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Roasting or baking your potatoes in your oven makes them delicious. But nothing beats that smokey flavor they get infused with by roasting them on the grill. These potatoes are done on the grill. However, you can roast them in your oven too.


The ingredients are very simple, and only a few. So for the tasty results you get, it is defintely a win, knowing that you do not need a ton load of ingredients to get your potatoes tasting so good.


If you are in a hurry to make dinner, this recipe will be perfect. The potatoes will only take a few minutes for parboiling, and roasting will not take too long either.




5 Medium Potatoes


1/4 TSP Crushed Peppers


1 TSP Dried Basil Leaves


1 TSP Dried Oregano Leaves


1/4 Cup Coconut Milk


Salt To Taste


Butter For Greasing Pan




Peel potatoes and slice them into wedges. Parboil potato wedges until they are semi- soft. Grease your cast iron skillet, or baking sheet with butter, and add the parboiled potato wedges.

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Sprinkle salt to taste. Then sprinkle half the amount of the crushed peppers, dried basil leaves and dried oregano leaves.


Put on grill to roast on low heat for about 10 minutes. Add the coconut milk by pouring all over the potatoes. Now add the remaining amount of the oregano and basil leaves.


Leave to roast for another 10 minutes. Your potatoes should be ready when the coconut milk has dried out.


Add this delicious roast potatoes recipe to your list of budget recipe ideas for dinner, as only a few cheap ingredients are required.

Enjoy Your Dinner!

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