How to Get Rid Of Fire Smoke Smell In House In The Quickest Way

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How to Get Rid Of Fire Smoke Smell In House

Depending on what type of fire you had in your house or out your house. Your house will smell like smoke a lot. Getting rid of that fire smoke smell in your house is really important because smoke isn’t good for the lungs in no way or form.

If you had a fire in your house, you will need to do a lot more work than if the fire was somewhere else and you need to remove the smoke and smell. But do not worry, this article will show you how to remove both of them in the best way posse your house can smell normal again.

Method 1. Getting Rid Of Fire Smoke Smell In House In 

Step 1. Accessing The Damage That Was Done 

The first thing you need to do is look at the damage that it has done and see how it can be fixed so that you can get rid of the fire smoke smell in the house. Sometimes the fire doesn’t have to burn the area for it to damage it like walls and furniture. Just the black smoke from the fire can permanently damage things.

  • Make a checklist to see what’s not good and what can be used back again.
  • Go in every room and check every clothes you have to see if they smell like smoke and replace them or clean them with this article I wrote directly addressing smoke smell in clothes.
  • Check your wooden furniture to see if it had absorb the smell of the fire.
  • Check carpets to see if they smell like smoke.
  • Find all the areas and walls that have ash on them and black markings so you can go back and clean them in the next step.
  • Count and make how many fire alarms you have in your house.
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Step 2. Clean And Replace Whatever That Needs To

woman cleaning wall with vinegar

Now that you have assessed the damage. You will need to start cleaning and replacing things that you no longer can use. This step will work alongside step 1 so make sure you have read step one.

  • Take all the furniture that smell of smoke and toss them in the dumpster or the back of a truck if you cannot get the smoke smell out of them. Try this article on how to get smoke smell out of wooden furniture first. 
  • The majority of the time you will need to wash all of your clothes because they will have a slight smell of smoke no matter how far they were from the fire. Give them a proper wash or soak them using this method in this article to remove smoke smell from clothes. If they smell too much of smoke, it is best that you just get rid of them.
  • Your carpets will be one of the dirties things after a fire in your house. It will have ash and a smell of smoke. Wash the carpet first and if you cannot get the smoke smell and ash out of it, dump it. 
  • Your walls will definitely have black markings and ash on them especially your baseboards near the fire. Clean the walls and baseboard properly and then repaint them if you have to. The wall nearest to the fire will definitely need some touch-up paint so budget for that even if you never plan to do that.
  • When you have a huge fire it is best that you replace all the smoke alarms in the house because they will not work properly after that. This is why in the first step I made you count how many are in each room. I recommend having a professional install them since this is a very important detector that can save your life.
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Step 3. Fix And Remove Fire Damage Areas

In this step, all you need to do is fix and remove fire damaged areas that cannot be cleaned. This includes everything in the area where the fire was. Do not try to reuse items if it was burnt or have damaged because of the heat, just replace them entirely. 


Step 4. Double Check Everything

Double checking everything after you are done cleaning and replacing items is just a safety measure to ensure that your house doesn’t have the smell of fire when you are done. Make sure all your walls are ok and there is no internal damage to installation or wiring. 

Once you are satisfied with everything after the repairs are done, you can open your windows and let fresh are blow through it and circulate in the house. Also, spray the entire house with some air freshener to help boost the smell.

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Method 2. How To Get Rid Of Fire Some In Your House From Bush Fire Or A Next House Fire

This method is the best way to get the smell of fire smoke out of your house when the fire wasn’t in your house. This method will be much easier than method 1 because there will be no physical damage for you to fix.

Steps To Take:

  • Once the fire is gone from where it was, you will need to open all your windows in each and every room to allow the house to air out. If you have a standing fan, place it at the window facing out so that it can pull the smoke from inside the house and blow it outside.
  • Do not run your air conditioner at this time because if it sucks in the smoke you will have to remove the filters and clean the vents in the house.
  • Take down your curtains and soak them in baking soda with warm water for a few hours then you wash them to get the smoke smell out of them.
  • Wash all your clothes that have a slight smoke smell to it and also clean your carpets and remove any ash.
  • If your windows were open you will need to clean all your walls in your house to remove the fire-smoked smell off them and remove any ash that is sticking to them.
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Final Thoughts:

Having a fire in your house is never a good thing because you could’ve been hurt or someone could’ve been hurt plus it will cost a lot of money if you have a lot of damage to clean and replace things.

This article tried to do is to help you remove the smoke smell from your house that was caused by the fire and to try make the cleaning process easier for you. It is very important that you replace all your smoke detectors when you are done making your repairs and cleaning.

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