How to Make Your Shower More Serene In 10 Ways

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How to Make Your Shower More Serene 

After a long day at work or on the road driving, you will need somewhere to go and relax and calm you down at the same time. This is where you can make your shower more serene so that each time you step in it, it relaxes and calms you down.

Some of these methods are super cheap to do and will change the way your shower feels. Combining all these methods together will make you have the best results, but you can pick and choose out of them to suit your budget.


Method 1. Add Fake Plants Or Real Plants

Plants can make any room feel relaxing and more full of life. Adding plants to a shower will change the way it looks especially if you like the look of a waterfall with the trees around it. Because your shower creates steam and heat, I wouldn’t put real plants in it.

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You can go on Amazon and buy any type of fake plant that is waterproof and look realistic enough that anyone will think it is a real plant. You can place one plant at each end of the shower and also hang it off the shower head if it is light enough. If you have a bathtub, you can hang the plants on the wall using hocks with suction cups.


Method 2. Use Mint Body Wash

This might not change the way your shower looks but it will make your shower smell so much better. Mint itself relaxes the mind each time you smell it, so imagine using a body wash like this with some of the other methods I have listed. Combining them will make a huge difference when it comes to making your shower more serene.

These body washes can be found at your local pharmacies or you can just go online and purchase some off Amazon.

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Method 3. Use Relaxing Soap Or Calming Body Wash

These soap and body washes are totally different from a mint body wash. They have in special chemicals and ingredients in them that relax you when you smell them. Most of these ingredients and chemicals are 100% natural and will not hurt you.

You can find these body wash and soaps at bed bath and body work near you where you can go and smell the and see which one makes you feel the most comfortable to use along with the other methods I will be listing.


Method 4. Have A Wireless Speaker In Your Shower

A wireless speaker can make a big difference in your shower. If you like to hear the sounds of birds and stuff like that because it relaxes you, you can actually put a waterproof speaker in your shower and play those sounds and it will transform the way your shower feels and looks especially if you put fake plants in it.

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Method 5. Redo Your Shower

Redoing your shower will be the ultimate way of making your shower more serene. This will cost you a bit more money but you can customize your shower with the tiles you want and the design you would like it to have. One of the best ways to make your shower feel more natural and serene is by making the shower head right over your head facing down.

By doing this, you will make each time you go in the shower feels like it is raining on you. You can put tiles that look like stones you will see outside both on the walls and on the floor and so much more things.


Method 6. Add A New Shower Curtain 

Not a lot of houses have a glass shower door. A shower curtain is more common and easier to change so you can buy a shower curtain that looks very relaxing and beautiful. For example, a shower curtain that is full of flowers or one that has a waterfall on it.

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Method 7. Clean Your Shower More

Disposing of bleach down bathroom drain

No matter how many things you put in your shower to make it feel more serene, if it is dirty it will not help. Cleaning your shower more often will make a huge difference in the way your entire bathroom feels. I recommend cleaning your shower twice per week for the best results but one will do per week.


Method 8. Adding Plants To The Bathroom 

Just like adding plants to your shower, you can actually add real plants to the bathroom itself to help with making your bathroom more serene. You can also add things to the walls of the bathroom that you like as well. Adding a few sea shells in the shower and outside the shower in the bathroom will give the bathroom this vacation feeling.


Method 9. Add A Fuzzy Or Fluffy Rug

fuzzy bath mat in bathroom

Rugs are like a blanket for your feet. I know when you place your feet on a very soft and comfortable rug it makes you feel so much better instantly. Imagine adding this to most of the floor in your bathroom. Try placing one in front of the toilet, entering the shower, and in front of the bathroom countertop. These areas are where you stand the most so adding them there will make a big difference.

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Method 10. Change The Decor Of The Bathroom 

Changing the decor of your bathroom with also help to make your shower feel more scenic because when you look outside the shower you will see the same thing that you are seeing in the shower. I did natural things in the bathroom like a wooden door that is not painted, natural cabinets, and other things that will help to make the shower feel the way you want it to feel.

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Final Thoughts:

Making your shower and bathroom more serene isn’t that hard if you combine most of the methods that I have listed above. My top three ways to make a shower feel instantly serene is by adding plants and cleaning the shower more often and by using a relaxing body wash. These combined together will instantly change the way your shower feels without you spending too much money. 

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