How to Get Sap Off Windshield

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How to Get Sap Off Windshield 

Trees are great to have around because they help produce more oxygen and cool breeze on a hot sunny summer day. If you do choose to park your car under a tree, you can get tree sap on your car and on the windshield itself. Getting sap off a windshield can have you a little scared because you are afraid to scrape the windshield.

Every kind of tree produces sap. But you might be wondering how the sap gets on your car windshield. There are a few ways that the tree can produce sap, one can be from a broken branches, birds scratching limbs, or the tree just choosing to produce sap at the moment.

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Getting The Sap Off Your Car Windshield 

Below will be 3 methods you can choose from to get sap off your vehicle windshield. Choose whichever one that you are comfortable using.

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Method 1. Using Rubbing Alcohol To Get Sap Off Windshield 

Rubbing alcohol is a great all purpose cleaning product that you can use to clean a lot of areas in your house and it works great when used to remove sap off your windshield.

Steps To Take:

1. Locate all the marks on your windshield that are sap marks. Locating all the sap marks on the windshield will make it easier to clean.

2. Next you will need to add some rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and spray it on the car windshield where the tree sap is. Ensure that the tree soap is fully soaked with the rubbing alcohol and let it soap for a few minutes.

3. Once the few minutes are up, take your finger and slowly pick the tree sap off the windshield. The tree sap should come off easily because the rubbing alcohol will break the glue contact on the windshield.

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4. Once you have gotten all the tree sap off the windshield. Give your windshield a proper cleaning so you can see better when driving.


Method 2. Get Sap Off Your Windshield With Ice

Ice can do so many things that you have never thought of. You can use it to break things apart and free things from the surface just like when tree sap gets on your windshield.

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is put some ice cubes in a ziplock bag and take it outside to your car. When doing this method, try to do it when the day is cool.

2. If the tree sap is huge this method is the best method to use because the ice will literally make the tree sap fall off.

3. When the tree sap is slightly soft, place the ice cubes in the ziplock bag on it and let it stay on the tree sap until the ice melts. The ice cubes will solidify the area sap faster so you can take it off easily.

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4. Once the ice melts you can take the tree sap off the car windshield easily without using any razor blade or sharp objects. 


Method 3. Using Nail Polish Remover To Get Sap Off Windshield 

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Nail polish remover is a strong chemical that you can use to remove paint, permanent markers and other things that stain surfaces. It also works great when it comes to breaking down sticky residue on any surface.

Steps To Take:

1. Take a bottle of nail polish remover and a cloth or cotton swab and wet it generously.

2. Use the cloth or cotton swab and lightly dab the tree sap on the car windshield until they are fully soaked. Try not to make the nail polish remover touch your car paint because it might damage the clear coat on it.

3. Let the nail polish remover soak the tree sap for a few minutes then you can scrape or pull off the tree sap off the car windshield.

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Final Thoughts:

Tree sap on a car windshield can damage the windshield wiper blades which can cost up to $30 per wiper blade to replace. My suggestion is to remove the tree sap off the car windshield as soon as you see it gets on it and try not to use any sharp objects on your windshield to prevent scraping it. If you have to use something sharp on your car windshield, try covering the sharp part of the object with tape and then use it on the windshield.

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