How to Get Rid Of House Flies With White Vinegar

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How to Get Rid Of House Flies With White Vinegar 

House flies can be awful if they get in your house. Getting rid of house flies with white vinegar is one of the safest methods to get rid of them if you choose not to use fly traps or pesticides. Vinegar is the best all-natural cleaning product you can use, so using it on areas where flies are will definitely get rid of them.

House flies are common and sometimes they can fly in if you leave the screen door open. If the flies are coming from your garbage, then you need to fix that problem as well to keep the house flies away permanently. Let us begin getting rid of those house flies.

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Why do you have House Flies?

House flies can be in your house for a lot of reasons and to keep them out after you get rid of them requires you to fix the problem in the first place. House flies can live up to a month, so that is enough time for them to multiply, and you will start to see flies all over the place.

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Garbage Staying Too Long –

Leaving garbage in your house for too long will definitely cause you to have flies eventually. If you let one fly in, that is all you need to have a fly infestation. If you put raw meat in your trash bins, try to take out the trash as soon as the day ends, and this will prevent you from getting house flies in the house.

Not Cleaning Properly – 

Cleaning up after a mess is very important to prevent house flies. If you cut meat on the kitchen countertop, you need to use bleach and white vinegar to clean the area to remove any odors and raw meat. Clean your floors properly and every other area in your house that is used frequently.

Leaving Windows And Screen Doors Open –

This summer has been hot and I do leave the screen door open and windows as well. This made a few house flies get into the house, and I didn’t want to use pesticides, so I use the vinegar method below to get rid of them in the house. But try to keep screen doors close and windows as well to keep out house flies.

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Getting Rid Of House Flies With White Vinegar –

The method below is how to use white vinegar to get rid of house flies in your house without using pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. You will need a few items first to make the mixture.

Items Needed:

Steps To Take:

1. The first step you need to take is to pour one cup of white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle that you have.

2. Add another cup of water to the spray bottle to make a perfect one-to-one ratio mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. You can add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to the spray bottle to mask the smell of the white distilled vinegar if you don’t like the smell of it. The essential oil also is a way you can use to repair the flies as well because I hate the smell of it.

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3. Shake the bottle well and spray the areas in your house where you see the flies London, or spray the entire room with the mixture, and within an hour, you will see all the flies that were in your house gone.

4. If the flies were circling around your trash can or a bin, you can use the spray and spray the trash can, countertop and other areas on the flies will stay away from that area.

5. Be careful when spraying this spray on cloth furniture or objects because the vinegar scent will be on the cloth furniture or object after you are done.

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