How to Make Paint Dry Faster

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How to Make Paint Dry Faster 

At some point in everyone’s life, we will handle paint, whether we are painting a bathroom trim or drying to dry a painting our kids did faster. How to make paint dry faster is much easier than you think, no matter what type of paint it is. 

chunk of paint on porcelain tile floor

It could be acrylic paint which is oil base, or water paint which is water base and easier to wash off or dry. Let us begin with the methods to dry your paint faster.

Method 1. Open Windows To Make Paint Dry Faster 

Opening your windows to let air in the house is the best and the most easiest way to make paint dry faster. All you need to do is open the window closest to the area where the paint is wet, or you can open every window in the house to get more airflow and to air out your house as well.

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If you have curtains or blinds behind your windows, make sure to open or lift them up because if they are close, the airflow from the windows will be stop.


Method 2. Use A Standing Fan To Make Paint Dry Faster

This should be one of the first ideas that come to your mind. Not everyone has a standing fan, but for those who have one. You can use it to make any paint dry faster. All you need to do is make sure the fan is clean, so it doesn’t blow the dust off of it onto the paint. The highest setting will work the best if the area that is painted is large. 

Turn on the articulating function so that the air can spread and circulate evenly over the wet paint on the wall. If you have a painting, you can leave the fan in one position facing the painting, and it will dry it within minutes. This works best for kids painting that they want to have faster.

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Method 3. Turn On Heater In House

Not every house has a heater in it, but most will have an A/C unit. Turn up the A/C unit up to the max setting it will go to, and feel how warm the air is coming from it. If the air is warm, then leave it to run to help dry your paint faster.

If you live up north, you have to have a heater in your house because of winter. These heaters can get hot so try to keep them at a normal temperature that you would operate them instead of putting it on high if you are in the house. If you are out of the house, you can leave it on high then.


Method 4. Use Less Paint On Surface To Make Paint Dry Faster

When I first began painting, I used to dip the brush in the paint a lot. What this did was cause me to paint over an area and add too much paint and prevented it from drying faster because it has a thick layer of paint. By using a light layer of paint on the paintbrush will allow you to control how much paint gets on the thing you paint.

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Method 5. Paint On A Hot Day

On cool days there is more moisture in the atmosphere, and this will prevent your paint from drying faster. If you decide to paint somewhere on or inside your house, do so on a warm to hot day where the paint will dry within hours instead of days.

When painting in the sun, make sure to wear something to protect you from the heat, like a large hat. If it is a painting you have, place it outside under direct sunlight but constantly monitor it so that the color doesn’t change or fade out.


Method 6. Use Heater Or Blow Dryer

person holding a heat gun

A heat gun is a necessary tool I think every house should have because you can use it to do so many things. You can use it to clean and remove sticker marks and so many more things. They can be on the pricy side, but you can get some from 30$ upwards. If a heat gun is too much for you.

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You can use a hair dryer that you or your wife has, and it will have a similar effect to the heat gun. When using a heat gun to try the paint, you will need to be at least 12 inches away from the paint and move the heat gun in a vertical and horizontal motion.

When using a hair dryer, you can get a little closer, like 8 inches. Do the same up and down and left and right motion so that the heat doesn’t burn the paint. Do this until the paint is completely dry.

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Final Thoughts:

When it comes to drying paint faster, you can combine a few methods above, and you will see the paint dry right infant of your eyes. Combine methods 1,4 and 5 to get the best results. Remember to always use protection when you are painting to not take in so many chemicals.

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