How to Remove Paint From Glass

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How to Remove Paint From Glass

Getting paint overspray on your windows can be a nightmare to clean if they are high windows. The last thing you would want to happen is for the paint to dry, but if that is the case. This article will teach you 4 of the best ways to remove paint from glass windows with and without a razor.

Removing Paint From Glass Windows

Below are the most effective ways to remove any type of paint from glass windows without damaging them. it can be acrylic paint, water paint, or even oil paint. These methods will remove the paint off your glass.

1. Using A Razor Blade

scraping paint off glass

Some of us may know that a razor blade can scrape the paint of the glass if you put it at a certain angle. The problem with just using a regular razor blade is that it can scrape the glass on the window itself. You can use it but at a risk, the proper blade to use is the blades that painters use that I will link below for you to buy.

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Best Painters Razor Blade To Use: Razor Blade Scraper Tool

Steps To Use The Razor Blade


window covered with paint

1. Wet the window with some soap water. Dawn dish soap would help remove the paint even better.

2. Let the liquid sit on the window for a few minutes to soften the cured paint.

3. Once the paint is softened, use the razor blade and scrape it off. If the razorblade is sticking, angle your hand at a 45% angle and try again.

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2. Use A Solvent That You Have 

Using a solvent on the paint is one of the easiest ways to get it off. But solvents come in different varieties and strengths. Some solvents are strong enough to destroy the tint or film on your window. Rubbing alcohol is a solvent, but not strong enough to remove the paint that is current to your window. At the moment I have two different types of solvent, one made for paint and one that can remove tar and wax.

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If you have more than one solvent try the weakest one first and if that doesn’t work, you need to buy a stronger solvent like paint thinner.


3. Using Paint Solvent Made For Paint

Above I mentioned using a solvent if you have one at home. But if that didn’t work, you need to buy a paint thinner and use it directly on the glass. These paint thinners are strong enough to damage more than the paint so you have to follow this method exactly.

Steps to Take:

1. Put on gloves and a mask because the paint thinner will have a strong odor to it.

water in container to clean window

2. Get 2 containers, one for the paint thinner and a microfiber cloth and a next with some fresh water and a microfiber cloth.

cleaning paint off glass window

3. Wipe the glass with the paint thinner quickly. In a minute or so the paint will get really loose.

cleaning window with microfiber cloth

4. Wipe it again until the paint is removed and then use the clean water and wipe the glass off.

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5. Repeat wiping the glass with fresh clean water so that the paint thinner doesn’t damage the window tint.

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How To Remove Paint From Glass Without Razor 

Let’s say you do not have a razor at home to remove the paint from the window, this is the best and most natural way you can remove that dried on paint from the glass. Plus do not try and use a regular razor blade to clean the paint off your window. The razor blade will be too sharp and scrape the windows.

Things Needed:

Removing The Paint Without A Razor

Steps To Take:

window covered with paint

1. Mask off the area where you are going to so when the paint softens, it doesn’t get anywhere else.

2. Add some warm water to a large enough container and pour 1 cup of vinegar into it. You can get hot water from your kitchen faucet.

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3. Mix it around and dip the microfiber cloth in the water and wipe the glass windows down.

4. Leave the mixture on the glass for 10 minutes to soften the paint.

wiping paint off glass with paint thinner

5. When it is softened, use the microfiber cloth to clean it.

scraping paint off glass with fingernail

6. For paint that’s hard to come off, use your fingernail and scrape it off. They will not be that hard to remove.

The method works both on paint that is cured and paint that has dried properly as yet. For paint that hasn’t dried properly, just wipe the glass as much until most of it is off. Then use fresh water and clean it again.

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