How to Stop A Door From Slamming

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How to Stop A Door From Slamming

A slamming door isn’t good for the door itself or your house. A door can be slammed by people or by the wind but there are a lot of ways on how to stop a door from slamming that are very cheap and effective. A slamming door can also be very dangerous for kids and you yourself. If your fingers are caught in the door when it is been slammed, then it can break your finger or cut them off.

Below will be several methods you can use to prevent this from ever happening and also save you a repair bill. Let us get started.

The best way to stop a door from slamming is by installing a door closer that hotels and restaurants use. This will immediately start the door from slamming and close it automatically.

1. Check Door Hinge 

If you realize that all of a sudden the door in your bathroom or bedroom starts to shut hard and slam each time you close it. Then you need to check the hinge that is holding the door onto the wall. The screws that are holding the hinge onto the door might be loose.

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Try tightening the screw with a Philips head screwdriver and see how the door closes afterward. If the door closes ok, then you know you have fixed the problem. If it keeps slamming then you need to take off the door and put it on back.

One problem as well can be the door lock itself has worn out and need replacing. Try doing that if nothing above works.


2. Use Door Closer

A door closer is present in every major commercial building and that is for a reason. People normally pull in doors hard and let them go then it slams hard. A door closer will automatically pull in the door and close it for you.

These door closers can be bought on amazon and can be installed by you without the need of a carpenter. This might change the look of your door slightly, but if you hate a flaming door then this method can work for you.

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3. Use Finger Pincher Guard 

A finger pincher guard was made to protect babies from slamming their fingers in doors when it closes. The way this method would work is by stopping the door from closing entirely. If your door can keep slightly open then, use these door pinch guards to do the job.


4. Keep Window Or Door Half Close

Doors that are left open will slam and close all the time if the wind is blowing. Sometimes there isn’t a thing wrong with your door why it is slamming. All you need to do is close the window that is near to the door that is slamming.

If you cannot close that window fully, then you can close it halfway to still let in air. The air will not be strong enough to slam your door shut.


5. Use Rubber Strips

Using a rubber strip on your door in your house is similar to how a car door work with its rubbing sealing. The only difference is that these door rubber strips will look different and fit in with your door so it doesn’t show that much.

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You can stick the strips to the door itself or parts of the door jam inside to soften the door closing sound. You can purchase these on Amazon for a reasonable price and it will stop your door from slamming.

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Final Thoughts:

In closing, it is very important that you stop your door from slamming as soon as possible because it can cause further damage to the door and the entire door frame as well. If you cannot stop it with any of the methods above, leave the door fully open so that are cannot get behind it to blow it close.

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