How to Clean An Iron

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How to Clean An Iron

Learning how to clean an iron properly, especially the plate or the bottom of it will be a very important skill to learn. Burning a piece of clothes is the number one cause of a dirty black iron bottom which can permanently ruin other clothes.

iron been cleaned

I personally have lost an expensive piece of clothes because of this. If I had known how to clean the bottom of the iron, I could have easily prevented this from happening. Let us get to cleaning your iron bottom. 


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1. Using Ice cubes

cleaning iron plate with ice cubes

I have seen chefs use this trick to clean their flat tops when it is hot and it removes every food that was on it. They just add some ice cubes to the hot surface and let it melt then scrub it. You can do the same with your iron, but use a wet towel to hold the scotch brite or crush together newspaper and scrub the iron bottom.

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2. Nail polish Remover For Stains On Iron 

Not all of us have a bottle of nail polish remover at home, but it will come in handy if you use it to clean off the bottom of your iron if any stain was on it. If the iron falls on the ground while hot it will definitely burn something, so use nail polish remover on it. You can add some to a damp microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the bottom of the iron.


3. Toothbrush In Steam Holes

Cleaning holes on iron bottom with toothbrush

Over time the holes on the iron that lets out the steam will get clogged by water build-up. Limescale is the white material that is left by water if it is in a constant place. These can eventually clog the holes on the bottom of the iron. You can use a stiff toothbrush and clean out the holes just like in the picture above.

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4. Baking Soda And Toothpaste

adding toothpaste to clean iron

Baking soda and toothpaste create a very powerful mixture that can break down stain and water build-up. Just add a few drops of toothpaste to some baking soda that’s enough to create a paste-like texture similar to peanut butter. Rub the paste over the iron bottom and use a sponge and clean it.


5. Vinegar On Hot Towel

Vinegar is a very acidic liquid that is safe for human consumption. But it is one of the best natural cleaning products that can be used on surfaces without damaging it. Simply run some hot water on a towel and squeeze it out. Pour half cup of vinegar on the towel and clean your iron off.


6. Use Magic Eraser To Remove Water Marks

I love to use the steam function on my iron, but sometimes the water dries up on the bottom of the iron and causes watermarks to form. Magic eraser is a strong enough sponge that can scrub the watermarks. Make sure to make the iron cool before you use the Mr clean magic eraser on it.

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7. Use Salt To Clean Iron

Salt can break down a lot of things if it is left on a surface for too long. That is why underneath most vehicles rot away that are in colder temperatures. If use use salt the right way though, I can clean the bottom of your iron and make it shiny again. To do this, add half a cup of salt to a bowl with warm water. Let the iron cool and use a sponge and scrub the bottom of the iron.


8. Using Dish Soap On The Plate Of The Iron

cleaning iron with dawn dish soap

Dish soap is in every household and it can be used to clean a lot of things, especially if you use dawn dish soap which breaks down grease easily. To use the dish soap add three tablespoons of dawn dish soap to a bowl and add water then mix it. Use a soft sponge and scrub the bottom of the iron until it is clean. Repeat the process until it is clean.

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9. Using Newspaper On Iron Plate

Using newspaper to clean the bottom of the iron plate is one of the simplest things to do. You only require a  few sheets of newspaper and a wet towel. To clean the bottom, crush the newspapers into a semi-ball. Let the iron warm up a little and wet the towel and hold the crushed newspaper and scrub the bottom of the iron. That’s it!


10. Try Dryer Sheets On Bottom Of Iron

This might surprise you, but dryer sheets can do so much more things in your house. Here is a link to an article that has over 15 different uses for it. One of those uses is to clean any residue that might be on the bottom of your iron. The way I use it to clean off my iron is pretty straightforward, you just fold one sheet of a Dryer sheet in half and scrub the bottom of the iron.

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Final Thoughts 

When it comes to cleaning your iron plate, you might want to use sharp objects like a knife or blades on it. These shapes objects will scrape and damage the soleplate of the iron. Having these unwanted scratches will trap dirt and other things that will ruin your clothes.

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