How To Clean Shower Heads Without Vinegar

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How To Clean Shower Heads Without Vinegar

Having a fancy shower head in our bathroom can make our bathroom look so fancy. Cleaning your shower can be a little tricky if you do not know some amazing tips and tricks that will have the holes in the showerhead always clear of limescale from water build-up. Some people do not love the smell of white distilled vinegar, so cleaning your shower head with it can make your bathroom smell a little like vinegar even though vinegar is a great cleaning product for the job.

This article will give you some of the best and easiest ways you can clean your shower head in different ways and unclog it for good. Water that is rich in minerals will eventually clog any showerhead, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, showerheads will get clogged as long as the water is going through it. So lets us get to the best ways to descale your shower head to make it work much better.

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Best Ways To Clean Shower Heads

Descaling your showered from limescale and another mineral build-up can save you a call to the plumber which is very expensive. The great thing is you can clean your shower head at home with some simple tools and things I will list what you will need. Baking soda, toothbrush, bleach, mineral remover, coca-cola, and more. Some showerhead you won’t even need a wrench to take it off.


Cleaning shower head without vinegar

1. Using Coca Cola To Clean Bathroom Shower Heads

Pouring coco cola on shower head

Coca-Cola is a lovely drink to drink on a hot sunny day. Coca-Cola does have some other benefits when it comes to water. Whenever it comes in contact with minerals, it breaks the minerals down. You might have seen people pouring coca-cola in their toilets and were wondering, they are simply descaling the toilet from minerals that are left from the water.

This cleaning method can work great on showerheads that you want to clean without using vinegar. Some showerheads have special coats on them that the vinegar might strip so try this method and see if it works for you depending on how dirty your shower head is.

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  1. Remove the showerhead and place it in a large enough bowl. Some showerheads don’t require a wrench to screw it off. You can just twist it off easily.
  2. Pour about 3 to 4 cans of soda in the blow and place the showerhead in it.
  3. Let it sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour and all the calcium and limescale should be gone.
  4. If you have enough coco-cola, you can take off the showerhead hose and clean it as well.


2. Using Baking Soda To Clean Your Shower Head

Using baking soda on your shower head will definitely clean it and remove odors. The drawback to this cleaning method is that you have to make the baking soda dissolve entirely before you can clean the showerhead with it. The baking soda can clog the showerhead itself if not done right. 

Steps To Clean Shower Head With Baking Soda:

  1. Mix 1 cup of baking soda into a bucket of warm water to help break down the baking soda into liquid.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon of dawn dish soap in the water and place the showerhead in it.
  3. Use a sponge or a brush and clean the showerhead out to remove any particle that might be in the holes clogging it.
  4. To make this cleaning method work better, leave the showerhead in the baking soda for an hour to dissolve anything.
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3. Bleach Cleaning Products

pouring bleach on shower head to clean it

We all have some kind of bleach cleaning products underneath our bathroom cabinets. If we read some of the instructions and the ingredients, some of the bleach products can break down mineral buildup. You can spray the showerhead with the bleach and scrub it off with a sponge to remove any watermarks that might be on the showerhead.

You can remove the showerhead as well and pour some bleach in it, then reconnect the showerhead to the hose and the pressure from the water will clean bush the bleach through the holes in the showerhead. This method can be used to clean the showerhead hose to remove odors and descale them.


4. Using A Brush Or Toothbrush 

shower head in bathroom

Sometimes we might think the water pressure is down because it’s an early Monday morning and everyone is going to work so the water is being used a lot. This might be the case sometimes, but it can be that your shower head is clogged by minerals from water buildup.

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The holes in the showerhead are really fine and will look impossible to clean. The trick to clean them out easily is by using a hard toothbrush or a regular scrub brush. You need to carefully use the toothbrush and scrub anything that might be in the holes of the showerhead. This will remove whatever scale that is covering the holes.


5. Mineral Removers

Mineral build-up from water is a big enough problem for them to come up with a chemical to break down any mineral deposits it gets in contact with. These chemicals are very strong and will remove any buildup in your shower head in minutes.

I would recommend you follow the instructions carefully by the manufacture to cause no harm to anyone. Always remember to use a mask and glove when handling bleach and other chemicals around.


6. Buying A Shower Head Filter

You can buy a shower head that has a special filter in it that will filter anything in the water that might get on your skin to damage it or clog your shower head. These showerheads are priced reasonably and do come with a bonus feature that will make your water pressure much stronger. All you will need to do to clean your shower head is by replacing the filter with a new one.

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How To Unclog Shower Your Head

shower head clogged

This is a simple method that I came up with by cleaning the nipple on a nipple bottle. The cleaning tool that they made to clean the fine holes on the nipple bottle can be used to get anything out of the fine hole on a showerhead. Just make sure to buy a new one to use on the shower head first. You can use the tool just like how you would clean out a nipple bottle top to clean a clogged shower head. 


Best Ways To Prevent Clogging Your Shower Head

Check Water:

Check your water regularly to see if it does contain a lot of minerals and chlorine. This will let you know if you have to purchase something to break down the minerals in the water. To know if there is a lot of mineral in your water, you can boil it and see what’s left in the bottom of the pot at the end.

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Use A Shower Head With Filter:

Use shower heads that have some sort of filter in them against mineral deposits.

Wash Shower Heads Regularly:

Every 3 months you need to wash your shower head to stop too much mineral build-up in it. This will both save you time and money when you clean your showerhead again.


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